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Viator (VIATOR 49:1)

Viator 49, No. 1 (2018)

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V+300 p., 178 x 254 mm, 2018
ISBN: 978-2-503-57869-9
Languages: English, French
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Table of Contents

Jordanes versus Procopius of Caesarea: Considerations Concerning a Certain Historiographic Debate on How to Solve ‘the Problem of the Goths’ - Robert Kasperski

‘I Fear Greeks, Even When They Bear Gifts’: The Gifts of Alexios I and the Histories of the First Crusade - Lars Kjær

Translatio in Wax: The Wax Tablet and the Composition of Benoît de Sainte-Maure’s Roman de Troie - Marilynn Desmond

Anchorites and Orthodox Culture: Spiritual Instruction in the Twelfth Century - Joshua Easterling

‘Familiar as the Rose in Spring’: The Circular Window in the West Façade of Saint-Denis - Elizabeth Carson Pastan

Canterbury and Jerusalem, England and the Holy Land, c. 1150–1220 - Katherine L. Hodges-Kluck

Working Miracles: Seeing Active Supplicants in Marian Miracle Stories - Gina Brandolino

Critic of Courtliness in Konrad von Würzburg’s Heinrich von Kempten - Gustavo Fernandez Riva

A Tomb for All Seasons: The Cenotaph of Saint Audomarus at Saint-Omer and the Performative Mutability of Art in the Late Middle Ages - Michalis Olympios

Real and Virtual Pilgrims and the Italian Version of the Book of John Mandeville - Matthew Coneys

Remodeling Authorship in Lydgate’s Fall of Princes - Gania Barlow

‘Une langue que les anges n’entendent point’: L’Araméen dans la pensée du Maharal de Prague (1520–1609) - Thierry Alcoloumbre

Interest Classification:
Medieval & Renaissance History (c.400-1500)

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