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Bibliologia (BIB 47)

Greek Manuscript Cataloguing: Past, Present, and Future

P. Degni, P. Eleuteri, M. Maniaci (eds.)
approx. 350 p., 30 b/w ill., 210 x 270 mm, 2018
ISBN: 978-2-503-57824-8
Languages: English, French, Italian
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Greek manuscript cataloguing today and its future perspectives: a comprehensive overview

There is currently a marked and steadily rising interest, in Greek manuscript studies and beyond, in the materiality of manuscripts, their genetic and evolutionary history, the identities and practices of scribes and readers, the methods and issues of manuscript cataloguing both in printed and digital form. Moreover, libraries and collections worldwide are currently digitizing their collections of manuscripts and sharing them in the form of digital images online. The proposed “Greek Manuscript Cataloguing: Past, Present, and Future” volume will be the first published book offering a comprehensive exploration of the state of Greek manuscript cataloguing and its future perspectives, with a specific attention to the most recent methodological achievements and to the growing impact of digital media in the field of Byzantine catalography.

As such, the volume will address a central area of research for a wide audience of scholars (in the related fields of palaeography, codicology, philology, art history, text history, cultural studies), manuscript librarians and conservators, university students and all other persons concerned with the history of Greek and Byzantine books and texts, their actors and the vicissitudes of their production and transmission, the means for describing, studying and preserving them.
Paola Degni, Marilena Maniaci, and Paolo Eleuteri are professors of Greek and Latin Palaeography and Codicology at the Italian Universities of Bologna/Ravenna, Cassino and Venice, and well-established researchers in the field.
Table of Contents

P. Degni – P. Eleuteri – M. Maniaci, Preface

National enterprises
F. Berger, Griechische Handschriften in Deutschland
Z. Melissakis, Cataloguing Greek manuscripts in Greece. Recent progress, current developments, future efforts and the case of the Monastery of Patmos
P. Andrist, Publications et outils récents sur les manuscrits grecs conservés en Suisse
N. Kavrus-Hoffmann, Discovering Hidden Treasures: Cataloguing Greek Manuscripts in the Collections of the United States of America

Catalogues of single collections
D. Skrekas, ‘The prestige of Manuscripts: from Venetian Crete to Holkham Hall and Beyond: A descriptive online catalogue of the Greek manuscripts from Holkham Hall now in the Bodleian Library’
Ch. Wright, An online descriptive catalogue of the Greek manuscripts of Lambeth Palace Library
I. Proietti, I manoscritti greci di Perugia

Thematic catalogues
D. Bianconi, I Codices Graeci Antiquiores tra scavo e biblioteca. Tradizioni di studio e modelli di descrizione
Silvia Tessari, Per un catalogo dei codici della Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana con notazione musicale bizantina
K. Spronk – R. Royé, A New Catalogue of Byzantine Manuscripts of the Bible in their Liturgical Context
E. Dobrynina, Colophons and running titles: on new terminology in describing Greek manuscripts of the 9th–10th cc.
P. Augustin, Les Codices Chrysostomici Graeci de Paris. Bilan d’étape et propositions d’évolution

Reference works and tools

A. Binggeli, Le projet Diktyon : mettre en lien les ressources électroniques sur les manuscrits grecs
G. De Gregorio – S. Martinelli Tempesta, Verso un Repertorio dei copisti greci nelle biblioteche d’Italia

Projects and open issues

L. Ciancio, Internet culturale: cataloghi e collezioni digitali delle biblioteche italiane
E. Sciarra, Problemi della catalogazione elettronica
P. Canart, Sur une récente expérience de catalogage traditionnel

The MaGI project

P. Degni – P. Eleuteri – M. Maniaci, Greek manuscript cataloguing in Italy and abroad: the reasons of the MaGI project
S. Gentile – D. Speranzi, Antichi cataloghi: gli inventari dei manoscritti greci della biblioteca medicea privata
M. Maniaci – P. Orsini – E. Sciarra, MaGI: the Angelica and Vallicelliana libraries
E. Bianchi – P. Degni, MaGI: the libraries of the Emilia Romagna region
P. Eleuteri, Magi: the libraries of the Veneto region


Interest Classification:
Book History, Manuscript Studies & Palaeography

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