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Sermo (SERMO 14)
M. Tamminen
Crusade Preaching and the Ideal Crusader

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X+332 p., 156 x 234 mm, 2018
ISBN: 978-2-503-57725-8
Languages: English, Latin
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Presents, for the first time, a study of the crusade model sermons of the thirteenth century as a corpus in its entirety, in order to explore the creation of the ideal crusader in thirteenth-century society. 

Crusade preachers had a number of responsibilities during the Middle Ages. Preachers were responsible for communicating crusading messages to Christian subjects. They recruited crusaders and sought supporters for the movement. They collected crusading funds and participated in campaigns. During the journeys, the preachers played a central role in creating the identity of the crusading armies, in sustaining the morale of the crusaders, and in explaining the goals of an expedition to the participants.

This book explores the creation of the ideal crusader in thirteenth-century society. It presents, for the first time, a study of the crusade model sermons of the thirteenth century as a corpus in its entirety. How were the crusades promoted? How was crusading ideology disseminated throughout Christendom by experienced crusade preachers? What were the characteristics of the ideal crusader?

The book considers various dimensions of crusade ideology and the values associated with crusading in thirteenth-century society – the qualities that were appreciated and valued by contemporaries, and the traits that were considered disadvantageous in a crusading context. The expectations, the aspirations, and the concerns of crusade preachers with regard to the conduct and the quality of the crusaders are also explored.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1. Introduction

  • Veri Crucesignati
  • Crusade Studies
  • The Authors of the Crusade Sermons
  • Spreading the Message
  • Primary Sources
  • Chapter 2. The Crusader and the Bible

    • The Shield of Joshua
    • The Dream of Judas Maccabaeus
    • From Patriarchs to Prostitutes
    • Biblical Prophecy

    Chapter 3. The Crusader and God

    • In the Service of God
    • The Imitatio Christi
    • Bearing the Stigmata
    • The Treasury of Christ’s Passion
    • Crusading Martyrdom

    Chapter 4. The Crusader and the World

    • Mundane Obstacles
    • Earthly Wealth
    • Pilgrimage Through the Torrent of the World
    • Harmonious Crusading

    Conclusions. The Features of the True Crusader


    • Appendix I. Crusade Preaching Manual
    • Appendix II. Crusade Model Sermons of Philippe le Chancelier
    • Appendix III. Crusade Model Sermons of Jacques de Vitry
    • Appendix IV. Crusade Model Sermon of Roger of Salisbury
    • Appendix V. Crusade Model Sermons of Eudes de Châteauroux


    Index of Manuscripts

    General Index

    Interest Classification:
    Religion (including History of Religion) & Theology
    Christian devotion & forms of religious expression
    Sermons & preaching
    Medieval & Renaissance History (c.400-1500)
    Medieval European history (400-1500) : genres & specific topics
    Medieval History (400-1500) : subperiods
    Central Middle Ages (c.900 -1250)

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