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Maelwael Van Lymborch Studies 1

J. Oosterman, J. Koldeweij (eds.)
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224 p., 194 colour ill., 220 x 300 mm, 2018
ISBN: 978-2-503-57715-9
Languages: English
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Table of Contents


Pieter Roelofs, Prelude: Johan Maelwael and the Van Lymborch Brothers. Proposal for a Standardized Form of their Name

Jos Koldeweij, Preface: Embarking on an Eternal Pilgrimage

André Stufkens and Clemens Verhoeven, Preface: Pulse & Impulse. Mission Statement about Patience and Fluid Exchange

Patricia Stirnemann, Introduction: Johan Maelwael, the Van Lymborch Brothers and the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

Theme I: The Saint Jerome Drawing and Drawn Hours by the Van Lymborch Brothers?
Eberhard König, The Master of St Jerome One of the Van Lymborch Brothers

Inès Villela-Petit, The Drawn Hours. A New Masterpiece by the Van Lymborch Brothers?

Dieter Röschel, Ships and More - Motifs and Narratives in the Drawn Van Lymborch Hours

Christine Seidel, Images in Pen and Ink. Technical Remarks on the Drawn Van Lymborch Hours

Laurent Hablot, The Van Lymborch Brothers: Heraldic Painters? The Position of Heraldry and Emblematic Motifs in the Art of the Van Lymborch Brothers

Rob Dückers, A Distant Echo: the Van Lymborch Brothers' Models in the Block Book of St Servatius

Theme II: The Duchy of Guelders and the Maelwael/Van Lymborch Dynasty

Rob Camps, New Insights into the Maelwael Family in Nijmegen

André Stufkens and Clemens Verhoeven, William I, Duke of Guelders and His Artists, 'Honorable Art & Pious Wisdom'

Interest Classification:
Fine Arts & Performing Arts
Medieval painting

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