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S. Brentjes
Teaching and Learning the Sciences in Islamicate Societies (800-1700)

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334 p., 18 colour ill., 4 b/w tables, 127 x 203 mm, 2018
ISBN: 978-2-503-57445-5
Languages: English
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This book provides for the first time a survey of the important features of educational activities and structures in various Islamicate societies between 800 and 1700 with regard to the mathematical and occult sciences, medicine, and natural philosophy.

This book surveys teaching and learning in the mathematical and occult sciences, medicine and natural philosophy in various Islamicate societies between 800 and 1700. It focuses in particular on Egypt and Syria between 1200 and 1600, but looks also at developments in Iran, India, Anatolia, and Iraq. It discusses institutions of teaching and learning such as house and court teachers, madrasas, hospitals, in-family teaching, and travelling in search of knowledge, as well as the content of the various sciences taught by or at them. Methods of teaching and learning, teaching bestsellers and their geographical and temporal dissemination, as well as encyclopaedias and literature on the classification of the sciences are treated in further chapters.

Sonja Brentjes is researcher at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin.  She has published widely on the history of mathematics, institutions, cartography, and cross-cultural encounters, mainly with regard to Islamicate societies, but also about parts of Christian Europe and South Asia.

Table of Contents

General Introduction

Chapter 1: Contextualizing Learning and Teaching of the Sciences in Islamicate Societies

Chapter 2: Teachers and Students at Courts and in Private Homes (8th-12th centuries) 

Chapter 3: Schools of Advanced Education

Chapter 4: The Sciences at Madrasas

Chapter 5: Other Teaching Institutions

Chapter 6: Teaching and Learning Methods

Chapter 7: Encyclopaedias and Classifications of the Sciences

Chapter 8: Teaching Literature and Its Temporal Geographies

Table 1 Islamicate Dynasties Prominently Mentioned in this Book
Table 2: Ancient Scholars
Table 3: Scholars from Islamicate Societies
Table 4: Muslim Rulers




« L’auteure étudie avec précision les activités et théories des savants sur la transmission du savoir qui entretiennent la vivacité de l’activité scientifique. Elle signe en cela un ouvrage nécessaire aux lecteurs qui cherchent à saisir une vue d’ensemble de l’enseignement dans le monde arabomusulman. S. Brentjes rétablit ainsi les correspondances entre la production de savoir et sa transmission, objets de réflexions intimement liées tout au long de l’évolution des sciences chez les savants du monde arabo-musulman. » (Nour Dahmani, dans Revue des mondes musulmans et de la Méditerranée, 147/1, 2020)

“The book provides a pioneering and intelligent overview of a broad, important and understudied topic. Brentjes deserves our gratitude for having dared to write it.” (Khaled El-Rouayheb, in History of Education, 11 September 2019)

“With a pioneering work such as this, one can level any number of criticisms (…) it certainly provides solid information that can be built on by future scholars.” (Sally P. Ragep, in ISIS: A Journal of the History of Science Society, 110/4, 2019, p. 799)

« C’est ainsi toute la vigueur de la transmission durable des sciences en Islam que S. Brentjes met en lumière dans son ouvrage qui fourmille de données passionnantes. » (Pascal Buresi, in Cahiers de civilisation médiévale, 62, 2019, p. 375)

Interest Classification:
Medieval & Renaissance History (c.400-1500)
Medieval European history (400-1500) : main subdisciplines
Cultural & intellectual history

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