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Bibliologia (BIB 48)

Late Medieval Personal Miscellanies

S. Corbellini, G. Murano, G. Signore (eds.)
approx. 375 p., 15 b/w ill., 210 x 270 mm, 2018
ISBN: 978-2-503-56970-3
Languages: English
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Medieval miscellanies are ubiquitous in modern manuscript collections. They easily form the single largest group of medieval manuscripts and include texts in all medieval languages. It is especially in the Late Middle Ages when—due to the use of paper rather than more expensive parchment, the move of the professional book production from the monasteries to the cities, the emancipation of the vernacular languages and the growing scholarization and literacy—that the number of personal miscellaneous manuscripts substantially grows. These manuscripts often reflect individuality and particular interests of their compilers and thus they offer a unique insight into medieval mind. Yet until recently late medieval miscellanies have not garnered much scholarly interest in their own right and have been merely studied from the textual and philological point of view of literary historians. Moreover, in spite of the clear reevaluation of the importance of miscellanies in European scholarship, the specific issue of the birth and the specific function of personal miscellanies is still a desideratum. The contributors to the volume have taken on this challenge and address in their contribution specific issues connected to the study of medieval miscellanies: the problem of authorship, non-autonomy, composition, reception and use, as well as more particular issues such as multilingualism and transmission of texts and text clusters.

Sabrina Corbellini is junior professor of "History of Reading in  Premodern Europe". She specialises in the study of cultural history in late Medieval Europe, with a spedific focus on the reconstruction of "religious literacies" in the European urban environment.

Giovanna Murano is paleographer and codicologist. She specialises in the history and the production of the medieval book, history of universities and medieval canonical and criminal law.

Giacomo Signore is a specialist in medieval philosophy. As an Early Stage Researcher in the European ITN Program “Mobility of Ideas and

Transmission of Texts” (2010-2013, Marie Curie Actions, Framework 7), he has explored the issues of composition and use of Latin and vernacular miscellanies in the late Middle Ages.
Table of Contents

Sabrina Corbellini, Giovanna Murano & Giacomo Signore: Note from the Editors
Marilena Maniaci: Late Medieval Miscellanies, An Introduction
Christine Glassner: Miscellanies versus Composite Volumes
Sandro Bertelli: The Oldest Manuscripts of the Divina Commedia
Alessio Decaria: Miscellaneous Manuscripts Transmitting Medieval Italian Lyric Poetry
Thomas Woelki: Manuscript Miscellanies from the Council of Basel
Pavel Soukop: Anti-Hussite Texts in Miscellaneous Manuscripts
Ian Johnson: A Sensibility of the Miscellaneous? The Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer, Thomas Usk's Testament of Love and the Works of Reginal Peacock
Greti Dinkova-Brun, Latin Poetic Anthologies from the Later Middle Ages
Pavlina Cermanova: Prophetic Texts in Bohemian Manuscript Miscellanies
Pavlina Rychterova: A Work in Progress. Czech Lay Theologian Thomas of Stitne and his Delight in Doing Miscellanies
Marco Cursi: Loenardo da Vinci: the Books and the Writing
Angelo Cattaneo: Miscellanies and the Emergency of an Early Modern Literary Genre: The "Miscellanea di Cose Geografiche" by Alessandro Zorzi (Venice, 1501-1540)
Giacomo Signore: Bridging Academic and Monastic Knowledge. The religious Miscellanies of Albert Löffler (1416-1462)
Lucie Dolezalova: Reflections on Medieval Miscellanies
Kimberly Rivers: Composition and Carreer: The Manuscript Miscellanies of Johannes Sintram O.F.M (d. 1450)
Marleen Cré: Miscellaneity and Compiling Strategies in The Chastising of God's Children and The Holy Boke Gratia Dei
Angelika Kemper: The Composition of Manuscript Miscellanies within Religious Communities: Between Reform-Minded Piety and Humanist Rethoric
Giovanna Murano: Inspecting Inventories: Miscellanies and Composite Volumes in Pico's Library

Interest Classification:
Book History, Manuscript Studies & Palaeography

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