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Church, Censorship and Reform in the Early Modern Habsburg Netherlands

V. Soen, D. Vanysacker, W. François (eds.)
VI+233 p., 9 b/w ill., 3 b/w tables, 156 x 234 mm, 2017
ISBN: 978-2-503-56751-8
Languages: English
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In recent years, historiography has come to rethink the traditional account of a state-backed Counter-Reformation in the early modern Habsburg Netherlands. Hence, this volume takes a refreshing perspective on the themes of church and reform in this region from the late fifteenth century onwards. The first part interrogates the dynamics of repression and censorship in matters of religion. Six chapters underline that this censorship was not only state- or church-driven, but performed by a multitude of actors, ranging from professional organisations to university theologians. Throughout the Ancient Regime, this resulted in an institutionally and regionally fragmented policy, opening margins of manoeuver for those concerned. A second part focuses on more internal impulses for Catholic Reform in the sixteenth century, especially those created by the Council of Trent. As such, this volume helps to contextualise the Counter-Reformation of the seventeenth century in a long-term perspective, identifying the myriad of actors and motives behind this Catholic revival.

Violet Soen is Professor of Early Modern History, Dries Vanysacker and Wim François are Professors of History of the Church and Theology, all at the Catholic University of Leuven.

Table of Contents

Violet Soen
Church & Religion in the early modern Habsburg Netherlands. A review essay (1965-2015)

Part I: Censorship & Religion

Renaud Adam
The Profession of Printer in the Southern Netherlands before the Reformation. Considerations on Professional, Religious and State Legislations (1473-1520)

Grantley McDonald
‘Burned to dust’. Censorship and repression of theological literature in the Habsburg Netherlands during the 1520s

Arjan Van Dixhoorn
The Claim to Expertise and Doctrinal Authority in the Struggle for Anti-Heresy Policies in the Habsburg Netherlands, 1520s-1560s

César Manrique Figueroa
Sixteenth-century Spanish editions printed in Antwerp facing censorship in the Hispanic World. The case of the Antwerp printers Nutius and Steelsius

Els Agten
Ottavio Mirto Frangipani, first papal nuncio to Flanders (1596-1606) and his thoughts on book censorship

Gerrit Vandenbosch
Censorship in the archdiocese of Mechelen (1559-1795)

Church & Reform

Nicolas Simon
The Council of Trent and its impact on Philip II’s legislation in the Habsburg Netherlands (1580-1598)

Annelies Somers
Making a virtue out of necessity? The chapter of St Pharahild in Ghent and the decrees of the Council of Trent (1584-1614)

Michal Bauwens
Restoration and reform of the parish after Trent. The case of St James in Ghent (1561-1640)

Tom Bervoets
Caught between Compromise and Conflict. The Establishment and Institutional Development of the Ecclesiastical Court(s) in the Early Modern Archdiocese of Malines

Interest Classification:
Modern History (1501 to the present)
Modern history (1801 to present ) : local & regional history
Low Countries

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