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The Age of Descartes (DESCARTES 5)
S. Agostini
Claude Clerselier : la correspondance et le contexte intellectuel (1646-1681)
A l’origine d’un cartésianisme après Descartes

approx. 350 p., 3 b/w tables, 156 x 234 mm
ISBN: 978-2-503-56579-8
Languages: French, Latin
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The volume offers an historical reconstruction of the figure of Claude Clerselier (1614-1684) and of the role he played on the one hand by publishing and translating some works of René Descartes, on the other hand by defending the Cartesian theses on the Eucharist.
Table of Contents


Part I

Chapter I. Claude Clerselier
Chapter II. Clerselier-Descartes correspondence
Chapter III. Clerselier-Fermat-Rohault correspondence
Chapter IV. Clerselier-More correspondence
Chapter V.Other correspondence
Chapter VI. Letters on the Eucharist
6.1 . The Cartesian explanation of the Eucharist
6.2 . Moments of the debate: Clerselier's correspondence in manuscript n. 3665.

Part II

The edition of the Correspondence
Interest Classification:
History of Philosophy (general)
Modern Western Philosophy (c. 1650-present)

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