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Viator (VIATOR 47:2)

Viator 47, No. 2 (2016)

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VI+379 p., 22 b/w ill., 178 x 254 mm, 2016
ISBN: 978-2-503-56004-5
Languages: English
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Table of Contents

Meg Leja, The Sacred Art: Medicine in the Carolingian Renaissance

Rory Naismith, The Forum Hoard and Beyond: Money, Gift, and Religion in the Early Middle Ages

Éloïse Lemay, Diplomatic Mischief, Institutionalized Deception: Two Undated Merovingian Wills on Papyrus (Erminethrude's Will and the Will of Idda's Son) and a Group of Eleventh-Century Forgeries from the Abbey of Saint-Denis

Adam J. Kosto, The Elements of Practical Rulership: Ramon Berenguer I of Barcelona and the Revolt of Mir Geribert

James H. Kane, Wolf' Hair, Exposed Digits, and Muslim Holy Men: the Libellus de expugnatione Terrae Sanctae per Saladinum and the Conte of Ernoul

Jay Rubenstein, The Deeds of Bohemond: Reform, Propaganda, and the History of the First Crusade

José Luis Senra, La paix durant la guerre: la conjoncture politico-religieuse et les espaces sacrés dans le royaume de León et Castille, ca. 1110-1127

Shawn Normandin, Reading Chaucer's Monk's Tale

Daniel Stein Kokin, The Josephan Renaissance: Flavius Josephus and His Writings in Italian Humanist Discourse

Donald Sullivan, The Holy Blood of Wilsnack: Politics, Theology, and the Reform of Popular Religion in Late Medieval Germany

Kavita Mudan Finn, Tragedy, Transgression, and Women’s Voices: The Cases of Eleanor Cobham and Margaret of Anjou

Bee Yun, The Fox atop Fortune's Wheel: Machiavelli and Medieval Realist Discourse

Merridee L. Bailey, Reconsidering Religious Vitality in Catholic England: Household Aspirations and Educating the Laity in Richard Whitford's A Werke for Householders

Andrea Fiamma, Richard Falckenberg and the Modernity of Nicholas of Cusa

C. Stephen Jaeger, Ernst Robert Curtius: A Medievalist's Contempt for the Middle Ages

Interest Classification:
Medieval & Renaissance History (c.400-1500)
Medieval European history (400-1500) : main subdisciplines
Cultural & intellectual history

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