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The Journal of Medieval Monastic Studies 4 (2015)

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X+217 p., 35 b/w ill., 156 x 234 mm, 2015
ISBN: 978-2-503-55398-6
Languages: English
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Table of Contents

The Virgin and the Archbishop: A Comparative Analysis of the Cults of Mildred and Augustine at St Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury


De Monasterio Desolato: Patronage and Politics in a Frontier Irish Convent


Sharing the City: The Establishment of Mendicant Houses in Portuguese Medieval Towns


The Dominicans in Ireland: A Comparative Study of the East Munster and Leinster Settlements


So it was abowte iiiic yeres agoo’: Retrospection in the Art and Architecture of the Cistercians

in Northern England in the Late Middle Ages

MICHAEL CARTER            

The Convents of Palermo in the Middle of the Fifteenth Century


No Society is an Island: Skriuklaustur Monastery and the Fringes of Monasticism

STEINUNN KRISTJ ÁNSDÓTTIR An Open Access Database for the History of the Carmelite Order



Monastic Wales: New Approaches

(ed. by Janet Burton and Karen Stöber)

Edel Bhreathnach 191

Wilfrid: Abbot, Bishop, Saint.

Papers from the 1300th Anniversary Conferences

(ed. by Nicolas J. Higham)

Anne Müller 193

English Monastic Litanies of the Saints After 1100, vol. i: Abbotsbury — Peterborough

(ed. by Nigel J. Morgan)

Sarah Foot 194

The Cistercian Order in Medieval Europe 1090–1500

(by Emilia Jamroziak)


Separate but Equal: Cistercian Lay Brothers 1120–1350

(by James France)

Karen Stöber 195

The Knights Hospitallers in Medieval Hampshire:

A Calendar of the Godsfield and Baddesley Cartulary

(ed. by Felicity Beard)

Kathryn Hurlock 199

‘Consuetudines et Regulae’: Sources for Monastic Life in the

Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period

(ed. by Carolyn Marino Malone/Clark Maines)

Mirko Breitenstein 200

The Cambridge Companion to Francis of Assisi

(ed. by Michael J. P. Robson)


The Cambridge Companion to the Cistercian Order

(by Mette Birkedal Bruun)

James G. Clark 202

Hildegard of Bingen: Solutions to Thirty-Eight Questions

(by Beverly M. Kienzle; trans. by with Jenny C. Bledsoe and

Stephen H. Behnke)


The Latin Cartulary of Godstow Abbey

(ed. by Emily Amt)

Janet Burton 205

Stanley Abbey and its Estates 1151–c.1640:

A Cistercian Monastery and its Impact on the Landscape

(by Graham Brown)


Medieval and Monastic Derry: Sixth Century to 1600

(by Brian Lacey)


Medieval Fore, County Westmeath

(by Brian Lacey)

Tracy Collins 206

Coventry Priory Register

(ed. by Peter Coss and Joan C. Lancaster Lewis)

Sheila Sweetinburgh 208

Monastic Culture: The Long Thirteenth Century.

Essays in Honour of Brian Patrick McGuire

(ed. by Lars Bisgaard et al.)

Benjamin Pohl 209

Religiosus Ludens: Das Spiel als kulturelles Phänomen in

mittelalterlichen Klöstern und Orden

(ed. by Jörg Sonntag)

Karen Stöber 210

The Making and Unmaking of a Saint:

Hagiography and Memory in the Cult of Gerald of Aurillac

 (by Mathew Kuefler)

Tom Licence 213

Chiostri tra le acque.

I monasteri femminili della laguna nord di Venezia nel basso Medioevo

(by Mathew Kuefler)

Veronica West -Harling 215

Jocelin of Furness: Essays from the 2011 Conference

(ed. by Mathew Kuefler)

Miriam Clyne 218

Monastic Reform as a Process: Realities and

Representations in Medieval Flanders, 900–1100

(by Steven Vanderputten)

Erin Jordan


The Highest Poverty: Monastic Rules and Form-of-Life

(by Agamben, Giorgio)

Joshua Campbell              221


Interest Classification:
Religion (including History of Religion) & Theology
Comparative religion & religions not otherwise listed
Comparative religion
Christian Church : religious orders
Medieval & Renaissance History (c.400-1500)
Medieval European history (400-1500) : main subdisciplines
Religious history

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