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Sacris Erudiri (SE 54)

Sacris Erudiri 54 (2015)

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II+408 p., 178 x 254 mm, 2015
ISBN: 978-2-503-55396-2
Languages: English, French, German
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Online content:
Sacris Erudiri. Journal of Late Antique and Medieval Christianity.

Sacris Erudiri was founded in 1948 by Dom Eligius Dekkers as a Jaarboek voor Godsdienstwetenschappen, an annual journal for the study of religion. The founder's aim was to bring to public attention specialist studies and research on very diverse aspects of the study of religion and in this way to promote interdisciplinary dialogue. Since then, Sacris Erudiri has developed within Corpus Chistianorum into a leading, peer-reviewed, international scholarly journal with a focus on the Christian past before 1500 AD.

The journal’s mission is to be, in the broadest sense possible, a Journal on the Inheritance of Late Antique and Medieval Christianity. Thematically, it covers the history of Christianity in all its aspects: institutional, doctrinal, liturgical, spiritual, cultural. Christianity is not studied as an isolated phenomenon but its integration within the wider social fabric, consisting of political, social, economic and cultural elements should, where applicable, also be taken into account. Contributions may cover all scholarly genres: incisive short note or extensive Forschungsbericht, exhaustive catalogue or paradigm-shifting synthetic study, new interpretation of a well-known text or first analysis of a virtually unknown text. Editions and studies of texts in Latin and Greek as well as in Oriental versions are especially welcome.

Sacris Erudiri is a Brepols journal, published in cooperation with Corpus Christianorum.

Table of Contents

Harald Buchinger, Eucharistische Praxis und eucharistische Frömmigkeit bei Origenes 

Jérôme Lagouanère, La notion de prochain d’Augustin au début de son épiscopat : le rôle matriciel du sermon De dilectione Dei et proximi (Sermon Dolbeau 11) 

Robert Wiśniewski, Pagan Temples, Christians, and Demons in the Late Antique East and West 

Salvador Iranzo Abellán – Jose Carlos Martín-Iglesias, Toribio de Astorga, Epistula ad Idatium et Ceponium (CPL 564): Edición crítica 

Konrad F. Zawadzki, Zwei unbekannte griechische Fragmente des Severus von Antiochien und Theodot von Ancyra: neue antike Auslegungen zum 2. Korintherbrief

Corey M. Nason, The Vita Sancti Arnulfi (BHL 689-692): Its Place in the Liturgical Veneration of a Local Saint 

Virginia Burrus – Marco Conti, Between Fragment and Compilation: A Virgin’s Vision of the Afterlife 

Robert Gary Babcock, Fragments of the Lost Vita Sancti Erluini (BHL 2603) by Richarius of Gembloux in Brussels, Royal Library, MS 5345 

Dinah Wouters, Envisioning Divine Didactics: Didactic Strategies in the Visionary Trilogy of Hildegard of Bingen 

Franco Morenzoni, Les sermons Contra haereticos du cardinal Eudes de Châteauroux († 1273) 

Interest Classification:
Religion (including History of Religion) & Theology
Classics, Ancient History, Oriental Studies
Greek literature
Greek literature of the Early Christian church
Byzantine Greek literature
Latin literature
Early Christian & Patristic Latin literature
Medieval Latin literature

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