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Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciences 64-172/173, 2014
Nature, Environment and Quality of Life

548 p., 10 b/w ill., 156 x 234 mm, 2015
ISBN: 978-2-503-55070-1
Languages: French
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Table of Contents


1. Nature, Environment and Quality of Life
Edited by Antonello La Vergata, Geneviève Artigas-Menant and Jan J. Boersema
General Introduction – The Editors

Section I. Nature or Environment ?
Introduction – Antonello La Vergata
Chapter I. Images of nature – Antonello La Vergata
Chapter II. Transatlantic views of nature – Sandra Rebok
Chapter III. Wilderness – Giacomo Scarpelli
Chapter IV. ‘Milieu’, ‘environment’, ‘system’. Transformations of some theoretical terms in science – Giovanni Iorio Giannoli and Paolo Quintili

Section II. Quality of Life. An Intellectual History

Introduction – Geneviève Artigas-Menant
Chapter V. Felicità e virtù. L’educazione dell’individuo agli inizi della modernità – Carlo Cappa
Chapter VI. De l’idée de bonheur au concept de qualité de la vie – Geneviève Artigas-Menant
Chapter VII. Vers la qualité de la vie : l’émergence des sciences et des techniques – Maria Susana Seguin
Chapter VIII. Debating quality of life today – Martine Vonk

Section III. Created Natures
Introduction – Giuseppe Ferrari
Chapter IX. Temperance as an environmental virtue. An interpretation of Thomas Aquinas in a "greenpersonalism " perspective – Giuseppe Ferrari
Chapter X. " Responsibility for the Creation " : Ecology and the Christian World – Simone Morandini
Chapter XI. Feeling nature, or emotions and ecology. The legacy of Romanticism – Dolores Martín Moruno

Section IV. Health : Human and Planetary
Introduction – Pierre-Olivier Méthot
Chapter XII. Medicine and ecology. A re-examination of the concept of emerging disease – Bernardino Fantini and Pierre-Olivier Méthot
Chapter XIII. Is the Earth sick ? – Roberto Bondì

Section V. Human Nature in the Contemporary World
Introduction – Carlo Altini
Chapter XIV. Quality of life, citizenship and new forms of power in the global era – Carlo Altini
Chapter XV. Technology and human nature – Vallori Rasini

Section VI. Biodiversity and Sustainability
Introduction – Jan J. Boersema
Chapter XVI. Sustainable development for a future society – Matteo Mascia
Chapter XVII. Food philosophies and sustainable quality of life – Hanna Schösler
Chapter XVIII. How much biodiversity do we need ? – Jan J. Boersema


Index nominum

About the Contributors

2. Varia

Fançois Loget – La contribution de François Viète au débat sur l’angle de contact
Detlef D. Spalt – Die Einführung des Wertbegriffs in die Analysis oder : Die Konstituierung der Differenzial- und Integralrechnung als mathematische Lehre
Thomas Morel – Arithmetical Periodicals in late Eighteenth-Century Germany: " Mathematics for the Use and the Pleasure of Civic Life "
Luca Guzzardi – Sharing Discoveries. Boscovitch’s Network and the Discovery of Uranus
Guy Boistel – Un " Bréviaire " pour les astronomes et les marins : la Connaissance des temps et les calculateurs du Bureau des longitudes, de Lalande à Loewy (1772-1907)
Ana Barahona – El Programa de Genética y Radiobiología de la Comisión Nacional de Energía Nuclear en México, y el trabajo de Alfonso León de Garay
J. Fernandez Santaren ; A.J. Kox ; J.M. Sanchez-Ron – Beyond disciplinary borders. H.A. Lorentz and S. Ramon y Cajal





Interest Classification:
Sciences & Technology
History of Science

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