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Subartu (SUBART 38)

At the Northern Frontier of Near Eastern Archaeology: Recent Research on Caucasia and Anatolia in the Bronze Age/An der Nordgrenze der vorderasiatischen Archäologie: Neue Forschung über Kaukasien und Anatolien in der Bronzezeit
(Publications of the Georgian-Italian Shida-Kartli Archaeological Project, 2)

E. Rova, M. Tonussi (eds.)
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VIII+587 p., 230 b/w ill., 210 x 295 mm, 2017
ISBN: 978-2-503-54897-5
Languages: English, German
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35 papers, originally presented by an international group of researchers at a conference held in Venice in January 2013, present the results of the last 20 years of archaeological research about the pre-classical cultures of the Caucasus and Anatolia, and analyse the latter in the wider framework of their changing relations with those of the Ancient Near East and of the Eurasian steppes. The volume covers a wide chronological span - from the late 5th to the early 1st millennium BC, and includes contributions about a wide range of topics (reports of archaeological excavations and surveys, chronology, economy, social organisation of the ancient populations, technology, long-distance exchange of raw materials and artefacts, archaeometallurgy, landscape archaeology, etc.). According to the most recent developments of research, these are investigated in a remarkably interdisciplinary perspective. The participation to the conference of well-recognised experts working not only in different countries of the Southern Caucasus and in Anatolia (in present-day Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey) but also in the North-Caucasian republics of the present-day Russian Federation offered a rare opportunity to compare and discuss recent trends of archaeological research in these different regions. Therefore, this volume represents a fundamental contribution to both Near Eastern and Caucasian Archaeology.

Elena Rova is professor of "Near Eastern Archaeology and Art History" at Ca' Foscari University of Venice. Her main research field is the archaeology of Upper Mesopotamia and the neighbouring areas (Anatolia, Southern Caucasus) in the 4th and 3rd millennium BC. She is co-director of the "Georgian-Italian Shida Kartli Archaeological project".

Monica Tonussi is post-doctoral research fellow at Ca' Foscari University of Venice. She is a specialist of the 3rd millennium BC civilisations of Upper Mesopotamia, Anatolia and Southern Caucasus, with a special focus on ancient metallurgy.

Interest Classification:
Classics, Ancient History, Oriental Studies
Ancient history & archaeology: Africa & Asia

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