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The Mediaeval Journal 2:2 (2012)

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VI+119 p., 156 x 234 mm, 2012
ISBN: 978-2-503-54308-6
Languages: English
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Table of Contents

Northern Britain and the Fall of the Roman Empire — GUY HALSALL

Monastic Commentary on Biblical and Ecclesiastical Literature from Late Antiquity to the Twelfth Century — † JEAN LECLERCQ (translated by A. B. KRAEBEL)

Nicholas Trevet and the Chronology of the Crucifixion — C. PHILIPP E. NOTHAFT

The Many Histories of Medieval Spain — FERNANDO ARIAS GUILLEN


The Oxford Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Archaeology (ed. by Helena Hamerow, David A. Hinton, and Sally Crawford) — JOHN CLAY

Charlemagne’s Survey of the Holy Land: Wealth, Personnel, and Buildings of a Mediterranean Church between Antiquity and the Middle Ages; With a Critical Edition and Translation of the Original Text (by Michael McCormick) — MATTHEW GABRIELE

Feudalism: New Landscapes of Debate (ed. by Sverre Bagge, Michael Gelting, and Thomas Lindkvist) — CHARLES WEST

Patterns of Episcopal Power: Bishops in 10th and 11th Century Western Europe. Strukturen bischöflicher Herrschaftsgewalt im westlichen Europa des 10. und 11. Jahrhunderts (ed. by Ludger Körntgen and Dominik Waßenhoven) — JULIA BARROW

Pope Urban II’s Council of Piacenza (by Robert Somerville) — KRISTON RENNIE

Rhetoric beyond Words: Delight and Persuasion in the Arts of the Middle Ages (ed. by Mary Carruthers) — JULIANA DRESVINA

Commerce before Capitalism in Europe, 1300–1600 (by Martha C. Howell) — CATHRYN SPENCE

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem and Other Analogous Documents Preserved in The National Archives, Volume xxiv, 11 to 15: Henry VI (1432–1437) (ed. by M. L. Holford, S. A. Mileson, C. V. Noble, and Kate Parkin) — TIMOTHY S. HASKETT

Anglo-Saxon Culture and the Modern Imagination (ed. by David Clark and Nicholas Perkins) — MEGAN CAVELL

Interest Classification:
Medieval & Modern (Indo-European) Languages & Literatures
Medieval & Renaissance History (c.400-1500)

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