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Ritus et Artes (RITUS 5)

Historical Essays on Continuity and Change

N. H. Petersen, E. Østrem, A. Bücker (eds.)
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X+266 p., 12 b/w ill. + 4 colour ill., 156 x 234 mm, 2011
ISBN: 978-2-503-53493-0
Languages: English
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A multi-disciplinary exploration of a range of motifs and how each stage of their continuing narratives are subject to the varying perceptions of time and place.

Continuity and change enclose a problem field that is fundamental to the interpretation of historical material. On the one hand the notions that are necessary to perceive the historical account as a narrative: continuity, tradition, constancy, consistency, identity; on the other those that provide an impetus or drive to that account: change, innovation, rupture, or discontinuity.

Resonances: Historical Essays on Continuity and Change explores the historiographical question of the modes of interrelation between these motifs in historical narratives. The essays in the collection attempt to realize theoretical consciousness through historical narrative ‘in practice’, by discussing selected historical topics from Western cultural history, within the disciplines of history, literature, visual arts, musicology, archaeology, philosophy, and theology.

The title Resonances indicates the overall perspective of the book: how connotations of past meanings may resonate through time, in new contexts, assuming new meanings without surrendering the old.

Table of Contents



Martyrdom in the West: Vengeance, Purge, Salvation, and History - PHILIPPE BUC

From ‘Theotokos’ to ‘Mater Dolorosa’: Continuity and Change in the Images of Mary - MIRI RUBIN



Historical Discourse in Renaissance Italy - PETER BURKE

Reproducing the Mona Lisa in Nineteenth Century France - STEPHEN BANN

Kneeling before God—Kneeling before the Emperor: The Transformation of a Ritual during the Confessional Conflict in Germany - BARBARA STOLLBERGRILINGER

‘Un autre Saint Bernard’: Representing Bernard of Clairvaux in the Age of Louis XIV - METTE B. BRUUN


‘Quod infixum manet’: Perseverance in Augustine and Heinrich von Kleist - M. B. PRANGER

Blowing Bubbles in the Postmodern Era - ROB C. WEGMAN

History and Humour: ‘Spartacus’ and the Existence of the Past - EYOLF ØSTREM



"(...) we should be grateful for the many insights that the authors provide on their particular subjects and for the enlightening and entertaining ways they not only portray but also enact the volume's central themes." (Karl Fugelso, in: Medievally Speaking, 11 February 2013)
Interest Classification:
Medieval & Modern (Indo-European) Languages & Literatures
Comparative & cultural studies through literature
Cultural studies (general & theoretical)
Fine Arts & Performing Arts
Medieval architecture
Medieval & Renaissance (up to c. 1600)

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