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Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology 2010

224 p., 257 b/w ill. + 20 colour ill., 215 x 280 mm, 2012
ISBN: 978-2-503-53336-0
Languages: English
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Table of Contents
Aleksandr NAYMARK, Drachms of Bukhar Khuda Khunak
Zafar PAIMAN/Michael ALRAM, “Tepe Naranj: A Royal Monastery on the High
Ground of Kabul, with a Commentary on the Coinage”
ZHANG He, “Preliminary Study of the Carpets from Sampul, Khotan”
DUAN Qing, “The Inscriptions on the Sampul Carpets”
CHING Chao-jung and OGIHARA Hirotoshi, “A Tocharian B Sale Contract on a
Wooden Tablet”
Giuseppe VIGNATO, “Inter-relationship of Sites, Districts, Groups and Individual
Caves in Kucha”
Satomi HIYAMA, “A New Identification of the Murals of Cave 118 (Hippokampenhöhle),
Kizil, as the Story of King Māndhātar”
Nancy Shatzman STEINHARDT, “Demons on Lintels: Zoomorph and Meaning in
Shanxi Province”
Philip DENWOOD, “Tibetan Arts and The Tibetan ‘Dark Age,’ 842-996 CE”
St John Simpson, The Begram Hoard: Indian Ivories from Afghanistan. London: The British Museum Press, 2011 (Elizabeth Rosen Stone)
Historisches Museum der Pfalz Speyer. Hunnen zwischen Asien und Europa. Aktuelle Forschungen zur Archäologie und Kultur der Hunnen. (Beiträge zur Ur- und Frühgeschichte Mitteleuropas 50) Langenweissbach: Beier & Beran, 2008 (Sören Stark)
Interest Classification:
Fine Arts & Performing Arts
Art History (general)
Oriental art history

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