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Medieval and Modern Matters - 3 (2012)

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XIV+218 p., 167 b/w ill., 12 b/w tables, 220 x 280 mm, 2014
ISBN: 978-2-503-53107-6
Languages: English, French, German
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Table of Contents



Koen De Groote 1

To honour Mary? Provenance, Distribution and Symbolic Use of Mediterranean Tin-Glazed Pottery in Late Medieval Inland Flanders

Pieterjan Deckers 21

‘Productive’ Sites in the Polders? ‘Griffin brooches’ and Other Early Medieval Metalwork from the Belgian Coastal Plain

Isabelle Deramaix, Sophie Challe, Olivier Collette, Florian Mariage et Geneviève Yernaux 45

Étude archéologique du château de la Royère à Néchin (Estaimpuis, Belgique). De la résidence castrale au château fort appui du pouvoir français

Mirjam Kars 107

(Re)Considering the Pre-Burial Life of Grave Goods: Towards a Renewed Debate on Early Medieval Burial Chronology on the Continent

Hanneke Ronnes 135

An Archaeology of the Noble House. The Spatial Organisation of Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-century Castles and Country Houses in the Low Countries and the Privacy Debate

Marie-Laure Van Hove, Frédéric Chantinne et Didier Willems 165

Dans la clôture d’une grande abbaye : Premiers résultats des recherches archéologiques menées sur la place de Nivelles (2009–2011)

 Review 211

Titus Panhuysen & Babette Ludowici (eds), 2011: Transformations in North-Western Europe (AD 300–1000). Proceedings of the 60th Sachsensymposion 19.–23. September 2009 Maastricht. Neue Studien zur  achsenforschung 3. Hannover, Theiss, Konrad, 2011, p. 275 - - Martin Carver & Jan Klápstě (eds). 2011: The Archaeology of Medieval Europe, Vol. 2- Twelfth to Sixteenth centuries. (Roos van Oosten), p. 605

Interest Classification:
Medieval & Renaissance History (c.400-1500)
Medieval European history (400-1500) : auxiliary sciences

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