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Ruralia (RURALIA 7)

Medieval Rural Settlement in Marginal Landscapes
Peuplement rural dans les territoires marginaux au Moyen Âge. Mittelalterliche Siedlung in ländlichen Randgebieten

J. Klápšte, P. Sommer (eds.)
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VIII+448 p., 210 x 297 mm, 2009
ISBN: 978-2-503-52746-8
Languages: English, French, German
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Table of Contents:

Alan Aberg,Foreword - Eva Svensson & Mark Gardiner,Introduction: Marginality in the Preidustrial European Countryside - Niall Brady,Coastal and Estuarine Approaches to Landscape Studies in Medieval Ireland - Vincent Buccio,L'habitat en Oisans et Vercors (Dauphiné, France) au Moyen Âge: la montagme est-elle  une marge? - Piers Dixon,Hunting, Summer Grazing and Settlement: Competing Land Use in the Uplands of Scotland - Jorge A. Eiroa Rodríguez,Peuplement rural dans un territoire marginal de la frontière entre le royaume chrétien de Murcie et le royaume nasride de Grenade (Espagne) - Gudrun Gormsen,Settlement and Farming on Marginal Moorlands of Western Jutland, Denmark - Bert J. Groenewoudt,An Exhausted Landscape. Medieval Use of Moors, Mires and Commons in the Eastern Netherlands - Daniel Gutscher (in collaboration with Jakob Obrecht),Traces of Medieval Herdsmen. Preliminary Results of High Alpine Surveying in the Oberhasli Region, Canton Berne (Switzerland) - Peter Herring,Early Medieval Transhumance in Cornwall, Great Britain - Ingunn Holm,A Landscape on the Margins – Long Time Use and Ethnic Relations in the Border Lands of Eastern Norway - Hanna Karlsson,Long Lasting Effects of Viking Age Settlements on Vegetation in the Forest Limit Ecotone in the Scandinavian Mountains - Hauke Kenzler,The Medieval Settlement of the Ore Mountains. The Development of the Settlement Structure - Sonja König,Der Solling als „marginaler Raum“? Verteilung und Struktur ländlicher Siedlungen in der Mittelgebirgsschwelle am Beispiel des Sollings in Südniedersachsen - Kristina Lindholm,Travellers' Village at Snarsmon - Reto Marti,Between ager and silva. Phases of the Colonisation and the Use of Land in Northern Switzerland from the Second/Third to the Eighth/Ninth Century - Philippe Mignot,L´Ardenne à la fin du Haut Moyen Âge ou comment un territoire en marge se retrouve au centre - Stephen Moorhouse,The Medieval Landscape of the Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire: Space, Processes and Procedures - Daniel Mouton, Fortifications et limites de territoires, un exemple Provençal - Ingvild Oye,On the Margins of the Medieval Marm – Norwegian Cases - Christine Rendu et al. ,Margins and Centres in the Shaping of the Pyrenean Slopes. Medieval Dynamics within the Long Term Perspective - Edit Sáros ,Development of Deserted “Puszta” Lands in the Danube-Tisza Interfluve Region - Michael Schmaedecke,Die mittelalterliche Besiedlung marginaler Regionen auf dem Gebiet der heutigen Schweiz und ihre Erforschung - Peter Schöneburg,Ein mittelalterliches Dorf in der marginalen Landschaft der Niederlausitz: Klein Görigk (Brandenburg) - Reiner Schreg,Development and Abandonment of a Cultural Landscape – Archaeology and Environmental History of Medieval Settlements in the Northern Black Forest - Eva Svensson, Marginality in our Hearts. Consuming the Exotics of Poverty and Hard Work - Claudia Theune,Water and Sand – Medieval Settlement Development between the Elbe and the Oder - Armin Torggler,Wüstgefallene Orte in Südtirol (Italien) - Jan van Doesburg,Fighting against Wind and Sand. Settlement Development in the Coastal Dunes and the Coversand Region of the Central Netherlands in the Middle Ages - Blaise Vyner,The North York Moors: Marginal Settlement or Marginal Evidence? - Csilla Zatykó & Pál Sümegi,Palaeoenvironment and Documentary Sources: Tracing Environmental Changes in Marginal Landscapes in Hungary


"(...) [this volume] contains a range of good, informative papers, which space precludes my mentioning here." (A. Fleming, in: Journal of Medieval Archaeology, vol. 55, 2011, p. 360-361)

"(...) this is valuable collection of papers, usefully exploring one over-arching theme in a variety of environments and national contexts." (Angus J.L. Winchester, in: Landscapes, Volume 12, Number 1, Spring 2011, p. 101)

Interest Classification:
Medieval & Renaissance History (c.400-1500)
Medieval European history (400-1500) : auxiliary sciences
Demography & settlement studies

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