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Romance Philology (RPH 57/1)

Romance Philology 57/1 (Fall 2003)

IV+125 p., 150 x 230 mm, 2006
ISBN: 978-2-503-52374-3
Languages: English
The publication is no longer available.The publication is no longer available.
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Table of Contents

Special issue on Patronage

B. De Marco, Patronage and Romance Philology: An Appreciation of Joseph Cerny

A. Alberni, Gabriel Ferrús i els seus interlocutors literaris: noves dades sobre un poeta barceloní del segle XV
J. Hall Mc Cash, Negotiating the Text: Women Patrons in the Poetic Process
W. D. Paden, The American Discovery of Occitan Language and Literature: Thomas Jefferson and Francis Kinloch in the South of France
P. T. Ricketts, La chanso de Ricau de Tarascon (PC 422,1): Edition critique, traduction et notes
A. L.-F. Askins, M. E. Schaffer & H.J. Sharrer, A New Set of Cartas de Itália to Alfonso V of Portugal from Loopo de Almeida and Luís Gonçalves Malafaia
M. Vaquero, La Crónica del Cid y la Crónica de Fernán Gonzáles entre editors, copistas e impresores, 1498-1514

Review Article
L. Löfstedt, Tales of Inspiration and Perseverance: The Altfranzösisches Wörterbuch and the Franzözisches Etymomogisches Wörterbuch
K. Busby, The Romances of Chrétien de Troyes, by Joseph J. Duggan
S. N. Rosenberg, Medieval Woman's Song: Cross-Cultural Approaches, edd. Anne L. Klinck and Ann Marie Rasmussen

Interest Classification:
Medieval & Modern (Indo-European) Languages & Literatures
Romance languages

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