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New Medieval Literatures 9 (2007)

VIII+286 p., 160 x 240 mm, 2008
ISBN: 978-2-503-52331-6
Languages: English
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Fresh new studies in medieval literature and culture.

The contents of this issue comprise the following articles:

Jessica Rosenfeld, 'Narcissus after Aristotle: Love and Ethics in Le Roman de la Rose';

Martin Camargo, 'Medieval Rhetoric Delivers; or, Where Chaucer Learned How to Act';

Hannah R. Johnson, 'Rhetoric’s Work: Thomas of Monmouth and the History of Forgetting';

Hannah Crawforth, 'Prophetic Language and Etymological Discovery in the Work of Richard Verstegan';

Heather Blurton, 'From Chanson de Geste to Magna Carta: Genre and the Barons in Matthew Paris’s Chronica majora';

Marion Turner, 'Usk and the Goldsmiths'.

Also, the following collection of papers on a symposium entitled, 'Can You Be a Comparatist in Translation?'

Jeanette Beer, 'The State of the Question';

Robert M. Stein, 'Acts of Translation';

Michelle R. Warren, 'Translating in the Zone';

Sarah Kay, 'Translating Theory'

Marina Brownlee, 'Comparatists in Translation: A Premodern Example';

David Townsend, 'Scandals of Translation, Pragmatics of Desire'.

And the following contributions to a second symposium, this one entitled 'Medieval(isms)'.

Thomas A. Prendergast and Stephanie Trigg, 'What Is Happening to the Middle Ages?';

Carolyn Dinshaw, 'Are We Having Fun Yet? A Response to Prendergast and Trigg';

Finally, an Analytical Survey:

Alexandra Gillespie, 'The History of the Book'.

Interest Classification:
Medieval & Modern (Indo-European) Languages & Literatures
English language & literature
Middle English language & literature
Comparative & cultural studies through literature
Medieval literature (general comparative)

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