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Poetry on Christian Subjects

M. Clunies Ross (ed.)
2 vol., LXXIV+1040 p., 160 x 240 mm, 2007
ISBN: 978-2-503-51893-0
Languages: English
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This volume is devoted to poems of Christian piety, often recorded outside prose contexts, which date from the mid-twelfth to the end of the fourteenth century. They range in subject matter from saints' lives and lives of the apostles to poems addressed to the Cross and the Virgin Mary and reveal the poetic compositions of some of the learned ecclesiastics (and a few laymen) of medieval Iceland.


"As far as the textual criticism and decipherment of skaldic poetry are concerned, after this edition not much is left for anyone to add."

(A. Liberman, in Journal of English and Germanic Philology, October 2009, p.550-554)

"The present volume is a remarkable achievement, and a testimony to the dedication and scholarly rigour of its editors. [...] The printed edition benefits from the useful and well-designed website of the Skaldic Poetry Project."

(Erika Sigurdson, in European Journal of Scandinavian Studies 41/1, 2011, p. 49-50)

"This first volume, which is also available electronically (fully searchable, including images and transcriptions of the base manuscripts) is informative, beautifully produced, and a glorious achievement in every way. It is also, for those in the field, a dream come true. (...) This is a landmark publication, renewing one's faith in the possibilities of scholarship. The editors' methodological rigor, profound learning, and solidly grounded conclusions have placed the study of skaldic verse on a new footing." (R. Frank, in: The Medieval Review, 09.10.19)

Interest Classification:
Medieval & Modern (Indo-European) Languages & Literatures
Germanic langs & lits (other than English)
North Germanic/Scandinavian languages & literatures
Medieval & Renaissance History (c.400-1500)
Medieval European history (400-1500) : local & regional history
Scandinavian & Baltic lands
Medieval History (400-1500) : subperiods
Central Middle Ages (c.900 -1250)
Late Middle Ages (c.1300-1500)

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