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Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology 1/2006

L. Russell-Smith, J. Lerner (eds.)
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170 p., 120 b/w ill. + 2 colour ill., 215 x 280 mm, 2006
ISBN: 978-2-503-51821-3
Languages: English
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Table of contents

Longer Articles:

G. Vignato, 'The Wooden Architecture of the Kizil Caves'; A.L. Juliano, 'Converging Traditions in the Imagery of Yu Hong's Sarcophagus: Possible Buddhist Sources'

Shorter Articles:In Honour of Porf. A.D.H. Bivar

G. Fehérvári, 'Adrian Hugh David Bivar: Porfessor, Archaeologist, Epigraphist, Numismatist and Good Friend'; 'Bibliography of A.D.H. Bivar from 1993 to August 2006'; R.N. Frye, 'The Aramaic Alphabet in the East'; D.W. Mac Dowall, 'The Copper Coinages of Menander'; A. Askari Chaverdi and P. Callieri, 'A Rural Settlement of the Achaemenid and Post-Achaemenid Periods in the Bolaghi Valley (Pasargadae, Fars)'; C. Fabrègues, 'Gandharan Earrings of Achaemenid Derivation'; M.L. Carter, 'Notes on Kusãna Chronology and the Bactrian Era'; B.A. Litvinsky, 'Bronze Appliques of Erotes from the Temple of teh Oxus'; E. Errington, 'Boots, Female Idols and Disembodied Heads'; M. Ghose, 'Nana: The Original Goddess on the Lion'; J.A. Lerner and P.O. Skjaervo, 'The Seal of a Eunuch in the Sasanian Court'; P.O. Skjaervo, 'A New Block from the Paikuli Inschription'; A. ur Rahman, F. Grenet and N. Sims-Williams, 'A Hunnish Kushan-shah'; M. Alram and C. LoMuzio, 'A New Coin Type of the Khalaj'; G. Azarpay and V.A. Livshits, 'The MP Archive at Berkeley: a pre-Islamic Forerunner of 'Samarkand' Paper'; M. Schwartz, 'From Healer to Hyle: Levantine Iconography as Manichaean Mythology'; U. Sims-Williams, W. Sundermann and Z. Gulácsi, 'An Illustrated Manischaean Middle Persian leather fragment, Kao. 0111'; G. Fehérvári, 'High-spouted Ewers of Khorasan and Central Asia'

Book reviews

Review article The Silk Road: Trade, Travel, War and Faith and China: Dawn of a Golden Age, 200-750 AD - Two Important Exhibition Catalogues by Beatrix Mecsi and Lilla Russell-Smith; K.R. Karimova. Traditsionniye hudojestvenniye remiosla i promysly uigurov [Traditional artistic handicrafts and crafts of the Uighurs] by Ablet Kamalov

Interest Classification:
Classics, Ancient History, Oriental Studies
Ancient history & archaeology: Africa & Asia
Fine Arts & Performing Arts
Art History (general)
Oriental art history

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