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Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies 32/2002

302 p., 205 x 255 mm, 2002
ISBN: 978-2-503-51336-2
Languages: English
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Resources land and sea
R. Carter; Ubaid-period boat remains from As-Sabiyah, Kuwait: excavations by the British Archaeological Expedition to Kuwait
A. T. ElMahi; The spiny-tailed lizard: A constituent of the occasional diet in the traditional inland societies in Oman
M. Morris Plant names in Dhofar and the Soqotra Archipelago
M. Pozo Rodríguez & Joaquín Ma Córdoba Zoilo; Architecture, implements and geological constraints
Provenance-study and archaeology on the uses and technologies of an Iron Age village (AM.1-Thuqeibah, Emirate of Sharjah, UAE) M. Tengberg; The importation of wood to the Arabian Gulf region. The evidence from charcoal

Water systems and agriculture
I. Hehmeyer; E. J. Keall & D. Rahimi Ghayl Ba Wazir: applied qanat technology in the fissured karst landscape of southern Yemen
B. Mershen; "Let the water run back"
Archaeological and ethnohistorical observations from Wadi Fanja/Wadi al-Khod, Oman: The case of a failed 18th to 19th-century agro-economic enterprise
W. Yasin Al-Tikriti; The south-east Arabian origin of the falaj System

Maritime trade and coastal sites
L. Blue; Myos Hormos/Quseir al-Qadim: a Roman and Islamic port on the Red Sea coast of Egypt. A maritime perspective
D. Kennet; The development of northern Ra's al-Khaimah and the 14th-century Hormuzi economic boom in the lower Gulf
V. Piacentini; The Arab expeditions overseas (seventh century AD). Working hypotheses concerning the dissolution of the Sasanian state apparatus along the eastern coastal strip of the Arabian peninsula

Pre-Islamic Arabia
H. David; Chlorite vessels from Umm an-Nar tombs at Hili: a comparison. 
W. Glanzman; Some notions of sacred space at the Mahram Bilqis in Marib
M. Maraqten; Newly discovered Sabaic inscriptions from Mahram Bilqis, near Marib
S. Weninger; More Sabaic minuscule texts from Munich

Aspects of mediaeval and early modern Arabia
W. Dostal; The Austrian-Saudi Arabian expedition (1979-1982) to the south-western provinces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 
B. Finster; The Mosques of the Wusab province in Yemen
A. Regourd; Les manuscrits des bibliothèques privées de Zabid (Yémen) : enjeu d'un catalogage
A. Al-Salimi; Different succession chronologies of the Nabhani dynasty in Oman

Arabia in the Ottoman period
R. Giunta; Magico-religious features in the late Ottoman inscriptions found in the Tihama cities
B. Nicolini; Historical and political links between Gwandar and Muscat through 19th century testimonies
C. K. Smith; Kawkaban, the key to Sinan Pasha's campaign in the Yemen (March 1569 - March 1572)
Y. Tobi; A Hebrew chronicle on the San'a' War between the Turks and the Yemenis


Interest Classification:
Classics, Ancient History, Oriental Studies
Ancient history & archaeology: Africa & Asia
Other parts of Ancient world outside Europe

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