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Manichaeism and Early Christianity

L. Cirillo, A. Van Tongerloo (eds.)
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470 p., 160 x 240 mm, 1997
ISBN: 978-2-503-50602-9
Languages: English, French, Italian
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G. Van den Berg-Onstwedder, The Descent into Hell in one of the Herakleides Psalms, L. Cirillo, L'uomo interiore negli Atti Apocrifi di Andrea e il 'Nous' nella visione di Mani secondo Baraies (CMC 17,7 ss), I. Colditz, Aspects of Social Terminology in the Middle Persian and Parthian Manichaean Texts from Turfan, E. Feldmann, Der junge Augustinus und Paulus. Ein Beitrag zur (manichäischen) Paulus Rezeption, I. Gardner, Personal Letters from the Manichaean Community at Kellis, C. Giuffré Scibona, Alle radici iraniche del Manicheismo. Corpo, creazione e tempo come strumenti di salvezza, C. Glassé, Crypto-Manicheism in the Abbasid Empire, J. Helderman, Die Bundeslade. Ihr Geschichte als eine Metapher in der Umwelt der Manichäer, A. Hoffman, Verfälschung der Jesus-Tradition. Neutestamentliche Texte in der manichäisch-augustinischen Kontroverse, F.S. Jones, The Astrological Trajectory in Ancient Syriac-Speaking Christianity (Elchasai, Bardaisan and Mani), W. Klein, War Mani Priester der Perserkirche?, S.N.C. Lieu, Manichaeism in Early Byzantium: Some Observations, J. Van Oort, Manichaeism and Anti-Manichaeism in Augustine's Confessiones, A. Panaino, Visione della volta celeste e astrologia nel Manicheismo, C. Reck, Some Remarks on the Monday and Bema Hymns of the German Turfan Collection, J. Ries, Baraiès le Didascale dans le Codex Mani. Nature, structure et valeur de son témoignage sur Mani et sa doctrine, P.O. Skjærvø, Counter-Manichaean Elements in Kerdir's Inscriptions. Irano-Manichaica II, W. Sundermann, How Zoroastrian is Mani's Dualism?, A. Van Tongerloo, Manichaean Female Divinities, J. Tubach, Die Namen von Manis Jüngern und ihre Herkunft, P. Zieme, A Turkish Text on Manichaean Cosmogony.
Interest Classification:
Religion (including History of Religion) & Theology
Ancient & Oriental religions (excl. Judaism & offshoots)

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