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Corpus Christianorum
Alexander Essebiensis
Opera omnia II.
Opera poetica

G. Dinkova-Bruun (ed.)
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LXXXI+318 p., 155 x 245 mm, 2004
ISBN: 978-2-503-04883-3
Languages: Latin, English
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The volume “Opera Poetica Alexandri Essebiensis” contains the critical edition of the previously unedited poetic works of Alexander of Ashby (1148/1154 - 1208/1214), the Breuissima comprehensio historiarum and the Liber Festiualis. The Breuissima comprehensio historiarum, which exists in three medieval redactions, represents a brief versification of the historical books of the Bible, whereas the Liber Festiualis is written as a mnemonic device epitomizing the lives of seventy-four saints in the order of the ecclesiastical calendar. The critical edition of the these two compositions brings to light the complete poetical production of Alexander of Ashby. The work of this previously neglected poet is very important for our understanding of the cultural climate in the late twelfth - early thirteenth century England. The author was not only a literary figure, but also an important local dignitary, whose activities as a papal judge delegate are recorded in a number of charters from the period between 1181 and 1205.

Table of Contents

Alexander Essebiensis — Brevissima comprehensio historiarum: Prologus — ed. G. Dinkova-Bruun

Alexander Essebiensis — Brevissima comprehensio historiarum: versio brevis — ed. G. Dinkova-Bruun

Alexander Essebiensis — Brevissima comprehensio historiarum: versio in C — ed. G. Dinkova-Bruun

Alexander Essebiensis — Brevissima comprehensio historiarum: versio in R — ed. G. Dinkova-Bruun

Alexander Essebiensis — Liber festivalis — ed. G. Dinkova-Bruun


« La tâche de publication était particulièrement difficile : certains textes étaient transmis par un seul manuscrit ; d’autres étaient remplis de petites macules. Les éditeurs ont dû intervenir des centaines de fois, avec compétence et , dans l’immense majorité des cas, à bon escient. »

(Dolbeau, Fr., in : Archivum Latinitatis Meii Aevi, 62, 2004, p. 305)

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Corpus Christianorum
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