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Harvey Miller

Art and Science
Volume Two

S. Panayotova, P. Ricciardi (eds.)
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224 p., 240 colour ill., 220 x 280 mm, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-912554-13-3
Languages: English
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Table of Contents


Vision and Colour in the Works of Giotto and His Contemporaries — Donal Cooper

Robert Grosseteste’s De iride and its Addendum in the Vatican Manuscript Barb. Lat. 165: Transmission, Reception, Meaning — Cecilia Panti and Greti Dinkova-Bruun

Seeing a Pink Elephant: Creating Meaning through Colour in the Medieval Bestiary — Elizabeth Morrison 

The Colours of Fortune — Deirdre Jackson


Recipes and Reception: Late Mediaeval English Colour. Recipes and Amateur Illuminators — Mark Clarke

Looking for Lichen, Fooled by Folium and Tricked by Tyrian: A Brief Tour and New Research on Purple in Manuscripts — Cheryl Porter, Maurizio Aceto, Elisa Calà, Angelo Agostino, Gaia Fenoglio, Ambra Idone and Monica Gulmini

Reflecting a Heavenly Light: Gold and other Metals in Medieval and Renaissance Manuscript Illumination — Nancy Turner

Gold or Brass, Silver or Tin: the Analysis of Metals in Medieval Book Illumination — Robert Fuchs, Cologne Institute for Conservation Sciences

Pigmenta: Materials for Writing, Painting and Healing — Lea Olsan

The Use of Copper Sulphates in Sixteenth-Century Flemish Illumination: Simon Bening as a Case Study — Giulia Bertolotti and Paola Ricciardi


Between Tradition and Innovation: Giving Light to a Visionary Text in the Lorvão Beatus — Maria João Melo, Maria Adelaide Miranda, Rita Castro, João Lopes and Jorge Sarraguça

Scientific Study of Cistercian Illuminated Manuscripts: Techniques, Aesthetics and Religion — Catarina Miguel, Angela Nuñez-Gáitan, Maria Luisa Carvalho and Cristina Barrocas-Diasa

Mapping and identification of the pigments used in two illuminations from the Laudario of Sant’Agnese attributed to the Master of the Dominican Effigies — John K. Delaney, Kathryn Dooley, Damon Conover, Lisha Glinsman, Giorgio Trumpy and Michelle Facini

The Benefits of Scanning Illuminated Manuscripts with MA-XRF and MA-rFTIR — Stijn Legrand, Paola Ricciardi and Koen Janssens


The Psalter-Hours of Isabelle of France in the Nineteenth-Century — Stella Panayotova

The Spanish Forger Exposed: an Interdisciplinary Study of Two of His Paintings — Christina Currie, Steven Saverwyns and Dominique Vanwijnsberghe

Interest Classification:
Book History, Manuscript Studies & Palaeography
Illumination & illustration of books

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