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Harvey Miller
E. Vaiani, S. Prosperi Valenti Rodinò, H. Whitehouse
Egyptian and Roman Antiquities, and Renaissance Decorative Arts

2 vol., approx. 864 p., 437 colour ill., 220 x 285 mm
ISBN: 978-1-909400-92-4
Languages: English
The publication is in production.The publication is in production. (12/2018)
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This catalogue includes almost 400 drawings of mainly small antiquities such as vases, lamps, mirrors, tripods, bells, armour, weights, measures, musical instruments, mirrors, brooches and jewellery, as well as designs for Renaissance and seventeenth-century vases, candelabra, princely gold and silver tableware. Amongst the antiquities are a distinct group of Egyptian artefacts and some of the earliest known records of Greek vases, together with countless objects of everyday life. Amongst the modern designs are works by sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Italian artists such as Luzio Luzzi, Giovanni Battista Montano, Giovanni Angelo Canini, Lelio Orsi and others.
Interest Classification:
Fine Arts & Performing Arts
Art History (general)
Baroque art history

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