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Harvey Miller
F. Garbari, L. Tongiorgi Tomasi
Flora: The Erbario Miniato and other Drawings

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2 vol., 664 p., 368 b/w ill. + 317 colour ill., 220 x 285 mm, 2007
ISBN: 978-1-905375-18-9
Languages: English
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These volumes catalogue more than 200 botanical drawings from the Erbario Miniato, an early seventeenth-century herbal made for Federico Cesi and acquired by Cassiano after Cesi's death in 1630. Also included are a further sixty or so loose sheets that originally formed a companion volume, broken up in the eighteenth century, and botanical drawings commissioned by Cassiano and Carlo Antonio dal Pozzo. Most of the drawings depict the native flora of central Italy, but mycological specimens, rarities from across Europe and recently imported species such as the crown imperial, the tobacco plant, the tomato and the aubergine are also represented.


"Scholarly but eminently readable (...) The instigators, sponsors, editors, publishers and printers of this magnificent series are to be warmly congratulated on providing such a splendid visual record of and lucid commentary on these paintings." (P. H. Oswald in: The Art Newspaper, No. 187, January 2008)

"A new milestone in the Cassiano dal Pozzo Project … a beautiful, fascinating, and most welcome addition to the Dal Pozzo series. There can hardly be a better instrument for a new research  than the present publication." (F. Egmond in: Journal of History of Collections, June 2008, p. 2).

"(...) a beautiful, fascinating and most welcome addition to the Dal Pozzo series. Its various indexes, the section on watermark types, bibliography and chronology are extremely well organized and provide the reader with essential information of a more technical kind. There can hardly be a better instrument for new research than the present publication." (Florike Egmond, in: Journal of the History of Collections, 2008/20(2), p. 310-312)

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Book History, Manuscript Studies & Palaeography
Fine Arts & Performing Arts

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