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ReIReS - Newsletter #19 13/08/2019

ReIReS is a Horizon 2020 Funded Project (EU) aimed at building a Research Infrastructure on Religious Studies. Brepols Publishers is an active participant of this project. As such we want to invite you to read its latest newsletter (#19), which features the following subjects:

* Invitation Workshop on the Practice of Religious Toleration in Past and Contemporary Europe

* Online Materials ReIReS DH Course in Bologna Now Available for Re-use

* Resources Available for Historical Religious Studies

* Il Sabbatico with Paolo Monella on Digital Humanities

* Book Launch: Stay Tuned to the Future

* Call for Applications ReIReS DH Course Sofia, November 2019


Featured open access articles 08/08/2019

Browse through Brepols's high quality online journal and book content on, or benefit from immediate free access to a selection of outstanding academic articles:

Three ‘forgotten’ cityscapes of Mechelen in the late sixteenth century: the Spanish and English Furies in Mechelen (1572, 1580) through the eyes of contemporaries, by Bram Caers, published in In Monte Artium, vol. 10 (2017): read for free (open access). 

Women and Credit in Pre-Industrial Europe: An Overview, by Elise Dermineur, published in Women and Credit in Pre-Industrial Europe (book series Early European Research, vol. 12, 2018): read for free (open access).

Monastic Reform, Abbatial Leadership and the Instrumentation of Cluniac Discipline in the Early Twelfth-Century Low Countries, by Steven Vanderputten, published in Revue Mabillon, vol. 23 (2012): read for free (open access).

Rodulfus Glaber and the Dawn of the New Millennium : Eschatology, Historiography, and the Year 1000, by Richard Landes, published in Revue Mabillon, vol. 7 (1996): read for free (open access). 

Le chandelier à sept branches dans le christianisme ancien, par Martine Dulaey dans Revue d'Etudes augustiniennes et patristiques, vol. 29, issue 1-2 (1983): read for free (open access).

Catalogue Medieval & Renaissance Studies 2019 24/06/2019

Discover our new & forthcoming publications in the field of Medieval & Renaissance studies with this new catalogue. It features the latest information on our books on Medieval Society & Culture, Economy & Commerce, Crusades, Church History, Religion, Philosophy, Languages & Literature, Art History, Book & Manuscript Studies, Architecture, Archaeology, Music, Scandinavian Studies,...

Click here to download the catalogue (pdf).

This catalogue includes live links to our website, where you can find more information on each title. Just click the book of your choice and you will be redirected to the corresponding webpage. Available titles can be ordered directly online, using the Brepols webshop, or by completing the order form in the catalogue.

New Book Series & Journals 12/06/2019

We would like to announce the following NEW book and journal projects that are currently being prepared for publication:

Medieval & Early Modern Studies
- Transcultural Medieval Studies
- The North Atlantic World. Land and Sea as Cultural Space, AD 400–1900
- Knowledge, Scholarship, and Science in the Middle Ages
- Global Perspectives on Medieval and Early Modern Historiography

Archaeology & Material Culture
- Journal of Urban Archaeology
- Archaeology of the Mediterranean World
- MediTo. Landscapes of Mediterranean Central Italy
- The Archaeology of Northern Europe
- Studies in Palmyrene Archaeology and History
- Studies in the Archaeology of the Islamic World
- The East. Identity, Diversity & Contact, from the Southern Balkans to Xinjiang, from the Palaeolithic to Alexander
       ARATTA, Studies in Archaeology & History, from Mesopotamia to the Indus Valley
       OXUS, Studies in the Archaeology & History of Central Asia, from the Caspian Sea to Xinjiang and Altay
       LEMA, Studies in the Archaeology & History of the Levant & Eastern Mediterranean
       ARAXES, Studies in the Archaeology & History of the Caucasus Area & Adjacent Regions

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