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Early Middle Ages & The Carolingian Empire: 100 Titles at Discounts up to 35%
Charlemagne was king of the Franks and Christian emperor of the West. He did much to define the shape and character of medieval Europe and presided over the Carolingian Renaissance. Charlemagne died in 814.

On the occasion of Charles the Great’s death exactly 1200 years ago, Brepols is pleased to offer a select list of 100 titles at discount prices up to 35%. Most of the publications, monographs as well as miscellany volumes and a few thematic journal issues, are related to the Early Middle Ages, some of them specifically to the Carolingian Empire.

Browse through the title list and click on the hyperlink for any book of interest. Order directly online through our web shop: If you order by email, please quote this discount code: PR_CHAR_301114. You can also return the order form by post or fax. The special offer is valid until 30 November 2014.      
Brepols Miscellanea Online-Essays in Medieval Studies
The Collection 2014 of Brepols Miscellanea Online currently comprises 32 miscellany volumes on all aspects of Medieval Studies. Browse through the complete list of titles available in the Collections and the Archive, and discover more than 430 titles: click here (PDF file).
Catalogue Forthcoming Titles Autumn 2014 now available
The Autumn issue of our Catalogue Forthcoming Titles is now available. It features newly published and forthcoming titles up till the end of November 2014. Click here to download the PDF (30 pages).
"The Indies and the Medieval West" wins the 2014 ESSE Book Award
The Indies and the Medieval West. Thought, Report, Imagination by Marianne O'Doherty wins the 2014 Book Award of The European Society for the Study of English (Cat. Cultural Studies in English - Junior scholars).
In their report, the jury states:

"In The Indies and the Medieval West, Marianne O' Doherty helps us to reimagine "the Indies" from a medieval point of view. Her extensive research provides us with indepth analysis of the different editions and translations of highly influential "travel literature" texts. O'Doherty also analyses medieval cartography with a fascinating attention to detail. (...) Her commendable research shows that it is possible to combine medieval studies and cultural studies with great success and to provide good background material for contemporary approaches such asnative/postcolonial studies, cultural geography and even space theories and historiography."

La parole chantée
Marie-Noël Colette et Gunilla Iversen
Partant d'une part de la musique et de l'autre de la poésie, cet ouvrage cherche à opérer la rencontre des deux voies, également perceptibles dans les compositions profanes qui les côtoyaient. Livre avec CD.
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La vocation mémorielle. L’utilisation des archives dans l’historiographie bénédictine dans les Pays-Bas méridionaux, Xe - XIIe siècles des actes
N. Mazeure
Une analyse de l’historiographie bénédictine dans le cadre de l’évolution dans la production et la transmission de l’écrit documentaire au Moyen Âge central.
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Livres et lectures des fonctionnaires des ducs de Bourgogne (ca. 1420-1520)
Céline Van Hoorebeeck
Ouvrage de référence sur les bibliothèques des fonctionnaires au service des ducs de Bourgogne (ca 1420-1520).
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Mulieres Religiosae. Shaping Female Spiritual Authority in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods
V. Fraeters, I. de Gier (eds.)
Mulieres Religiosae considers the nuances of what constitutes female spiritual authority, how it was acquired and manifested by religious women, and how it changed and evolved from the high Middle Ages to the Early Modern period.
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Recherches sur les cadrans solaires
Denis Savoie
Le présent ouvrage analyse en détail le fonctionnement de quelques cadrans solaires remarquables du monde entier, de l'Antiquité jusqu'au début du XXIe siècle. Profitez du prix de souscription jusqu'au 31 octobre 2014. Pour télécharger un dépliant détaillé: cliquez ici.
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Le livre à la Renaissance
J.-P. Pittion
"Comme l’écrit Frédéric Barbier dans sa « Préface », les compétences du savant Jean-Paul Pittion « seront bien difficilement prises en défaut ». Son ouvrage, dense, quasi exhaustif, agréablement construit, pédagogique et efficace, devrait effectivement s’imposer comme l’ouvrage de référence pour tous les chercheurs travaillant sur les XVe et XVIe siècles." (Jean-Paul Fontaine,
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