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L'Année philologique - Bibliography of the Classical World


L’Année philologique is a reference bibliography for academic publications relating to Ancient Greek and Roman Civilization. The bibliography is published in print and online. The online database including all volumes published since 1928, the publication year of the first volume, will become available on BREPOLiS from January 2018 onwards. 

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BrepolsOnline Books: more than 1,500 titles available online

BREPOLSOnline Books provides instant online access to cutting-edge research on all subject areas of the Humanities, published in more than 1,500 eBook titles. It offers enhanced usability and accessibility to Frontlist, Backlist, and Archival content hitherto only available in print.

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Art et société à Tours au début de la Renaissance
Boudon-Machuel & Pascale Charron (éd.)

Tours est à partir de la décennie 1440 l'une des villes les plus importantes du domaine royal. Elle s'impose comme l'un des grands foyers artistiques, reconnue comme capitale de luxe autour des années 1500.

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Nineteenth-Century Music Criticism
T. Cascudo (ed.)

This volume reflect the growing importance of music criticism and the press in the long 19th century.

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Medieval MasterChef
Ed. by J. Vroom, Y. Waksman & R. van Oosten

Published papers of the session 'Medieval MasterChef' held at the 20th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) at Istanbul in 2014.

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Vaucelles Abbey. Social, Political, and Ecclesiastical Relationships in the Borderland Region of the Cambrésis, 1131-1300
K. Salzer

This study examines Vaucelles' political, social, and economic life in order to explain how the Cistercian house (a direct daugher-house of Clairvaux) flourished in the borderland region of Cambrésis in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

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Sins of the Tongue in the Medieval West. Sinful, Unethical, and Criminal Words in Middle Dutch (1300-1550)
M. Veldhuizen

Demonstrates the pivotal role of the sins of the tongue in the late medieval domains of Church, ethics, and law, through analysis of Middle Dutch texts.

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The Forge of Doctrine. The Academic Year 1330-31 and the Rise of Scotism at the University of Paris
W. O. Duba

A unique glimpse into the classroom at a critical period in the history of western thought.

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