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Catalogue Medieval & Renaissance Studies 2017

Discover our new & forthcoming publications in the field of Medieval & Renaissance Studies with this new catalogue. It features the latest information on our books on Medieval Society & Politics, Church History, Religion, Philosophy, Languages & Literature, Art History, Book & Manuscript Studies, Architecture, Music, Scandinavian History,...

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This catalogue includes live links to our website, where you can find more information on each title. Just click the book of your choice and you will be redirected to the corresponding webpage. Available titles can be ordered directly online, using the Brepols webshop, or by completing the order form in the catalogue.

BrepolsOnline Books: more than 1450 titles available online

BREPOLSOnline Books provides instant online access to cutting-edge research on all subject areas of the Humanities, published in more than 1450 eBook titles. It offers enhanced usability and accessibility to Frontlist, Backlist, and Archival content hitherto only available in print.

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Provisional title list (excel, update May 17): click here

A Catalogue of Western Book Illumination in the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Cambridge Colleges. Part Five: Volume One: Books Printed in Italy before 1501
A.E. Andriolo & S. Reynolds

This is the first part of a two-volume catalogue of incunabula (books printed up to 1500) with illumination added by hand, in the Fitzwilliam Museum and the College Libraries of Cambridge.

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Medieval Liège at the Crossroads of Europe. Monastic Society and Culture, 1000–1300
S. Vanderputten, T. Snijders, J. Diehl (eds.)

This volume collects studies on the role of monastic institutions in the exchange of cultural and socio-economic capital in the medieval diocese of Liège.

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Poetry from Treatises on Poetics
Gade et al.

Volume 3 of the series Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages presents most of the poetry contained in the Scandinavian poetic and grammatical treatises, such as the poetry in Skáldskaparmál, the þulur, Háttatal, the Third and Fourth Grammatical Treatises and Háttalykill. Included also are Málsháttakvæði and stanzas from Laufás Edda not recorded elsewhere.

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Italian Renaissance Diplomacy. A Sourcebook
M. Azzolini, I. Lazzarini

This sourcebook presents a broad range of diplomatic sources, thematically organized, that are introduced, translated, and annotated by an international team of leading scholars of the Italian Renaissance.

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Le virus de l’erreur. La controverse carolingienne sur la double prédestination
W. Peze

Quatre siècles après Augustin, Pélage et Julien d’Éclane, la controverse sur la double prédestination (années 840-860), provoquée par la personnalité hors-norme du moine saxon Gottschalk d’Orbais, se ressaisit des rapports entre libre-arbitre et déterminisme avec, au cœur des discussions, l’effrayante perspective d’une prédestination à l’Enfer.

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Proust écrivain de la musique. L'allégresse du compositeur
C. Leblanc

Proust critique musical: une nouvelle approche de la musique dans la vie et l'œuvre de Marcel Proust.

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