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Brepols Publishers is an international academic publisher of works in the humanities.

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'Collection 2013' of Brepols Miscellanea Online now complete!

We are delighted to let you know that the 'Collection 2013' of Brepols Miscellanea Online-Essays in Medieval Studies is now complete. It features 45 volumes, presenting Brepols' most recent research on Medieval Studies published in essay collections. Furthermore, the first 25 essay collections that will be part of 'Collection 2014' have been added to our title survey. Click here to download the complete title list up till the end of June 2014, comprising 400+ miscellany volumes in total!
Hagiographical Writings & The Cult Of Saints - New Titles & Special Offers

Discover our new publications and special offers in the field of 'Hagiographical Writings & The Cult Of Saints', some with discounts up to 30%.
This online leaflet includes live links to our website where you can find more information on each title. Just click the book of your choice and you will be redirected to the corresponding webpage. Available titles can be ordered directly online, using the brepols webshop.
                                                                                                                           Offer valid until 30 June 2014

Catalogue Forthcoming Titles (Spring 2014)

Browse through our new Catalogue Forthcoming Titles (Spring 2014) featuring new titles in all major fields of the humanities, scheduled to be published before the end of June 2014.
Brepols Miscellanea Online & Brepols Periodica Online have been selected 'Outstanding Academic Titles' by Choice

Brepols Miscellanea Online: Essays in Medieval Studies, and Brepols Periodica Online, online journal articles published by Brepols, have been selected as Outstanding Academic Titles by Choice, Current Reviews for Academic Libraries.

"Because the study of the Middle Ages draws on multiple disciplines, these broad resources for essays and journal articles, searchable at the full-text level so users can find themes and details accross subject areas, are especially valuable.  This ease of access ensures that more scholarship may be scanned quickly, pertinent material put to use immediately, and further resources identified without delay. Summing Up: Highly recommended." (M. C. Schaus, in: Choice, November 2013) 

Ask now for a 30-day trial (only for institutions).

Special discount on 'Grace and Grandeur'
The Portraiture of Paolo Veronese
On the occasion of the exhibition Veronese: Magnificence in Renaissance Venice (National Gallery, London, 19 March-15 June 2014), we are pleased to offer this book at a special discount price. Click here for more information.
Hagiographical Writings & The Cult Of Saints
New Titles & Special Offers
Discover our new titles and special offers in the field of 'Hagiographical Writings & The Cult Of Saints', some with discounts up to 30%.

Offer valid until 30 June 2014
Uncertain Knowledge. Scepticism, Relativism, and Doubt in the Middle Ages
D.G. Denery II et al. (eds.)
This book undertakes an interdisciplinary investigation of ideas of uncertainty, relativism, and scepticism in the Middle Ages.
More information >>
Monuments for the people: Aubin-Louis Millin's Antiquités Nationales
Cecilia Hurley
Cet ouvrage a gagné la première médaille du concours des Antiquités de la France (avril 2014). Profitez du prix spécial sur notre boutique en ligne.
More information >>
The strange Death of Pagan Rome. Reflections on a Historiographical Controversy
R. Lizzi - Testa (ed.)
The end of paganism in antique Rome strongly involves the nature of the relations between pagans and Christians in the fourth century AD. This volume collects the reflections of some Italian scholars on the theme of the last pagans of Rome.
More information >>
Late Byzantine Sculpture
Nicholas Melvani
This book provides a detailed description and interpretation of multiple aspects of sculpture from late Byzantine monuments.
More information >>
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