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Catalogue Forthcoming Titles Spring 2015 now available
The Spring issue of our Catalogue Forthcoming Titles is now available. It features newly published and forthcoming titles in Medieval Studies, Languages & Literature, Art and Music History, Early Modern Studies,....  until the end of June 2015. Click here to download the catalogue.
Catalogue des titres français 2015 - Sélection de titres
L’édition printemps 2015 de notre Catalogue des titres français est dorénavant disponible. Les ouvrages, tous domaines confondus, sont ceux parus depuis début 2014. Le catalogue reprend également une partie des publications sorties dans la deuxième moitié de 2013.
Cliquez ici pour télécharger le catalogue en PDF. Pour passer commande, il suffit de cliquer, dans le PDF, sur le lien vous menant directement à notre boutique en ligne.

Les images dans l'Occident médiéval
J. Baschet, P.-O. Dittmar (éd.)
Comprendre et analyser les images produites au Moyen Âge, dans toute leur diversité.
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The Neptune Fountain in Bologna. Bronze, Marble, and Water in the Making of a Papal City
R.J. Tuttle
As a gateway to the central Piazza Maggiore and a work of singular beauty and elegance, the Neptune Fountain is one of Bologna’s most prized artistic gems, recognized by all but understood by very few. Richard Tuttle’s monograph represents the first comprehensive study of this iconic monument, executed between 1563 and 1567 by the Flemish artist Giambologna and the Sicilian architect Tomaso Laureti, that considers all of the complex aspects of its commission, planning, execution, iconography, and urban impact.

Introductory Price: € 50 (valid until 15/6/2015)
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The Sculpture of Tullio Lombardo
A.M. Schulz
In the first book ever devoted to the sculpture of Venice’s most famous Renaissance marble carver, Markham Schulz creates a comprehensive picture of Tullio’s sculpture - its characteristics and iconography, its sources, development, and influence - within the context of Renaissance Venetian art.

"The Sculpture of Tullio Lombardo represents a wonderful beginning to what promises to be a revelatory series of publications." (David Ekserdjian, in: Apollo, March 2015, p. 210-211)

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Machinae spirituales. Les retables baroques dans les Pays-Bas méridionaux et en Europe
B. D'Hainaut-Zveny, R. Dekoninck (éd.)
Contributions à une histoire formelle du sentiment religieux au XVIIe siècle.
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The Lion, the Lily, and the Leopard. The Crown and Nobility of Scotland, France, and England and the Struggle for Power (1100-1204)
M. Pollock
This study explores the powerful bonds between the nobility of France, Scotland, and England and the evolving nature of a shared Anglo-French identity.
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