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Brepols Publishers is an international academic publisher of works in the humanities.

Brepols News
50 Years International Medieval Bibliography - IMB QUIZ

This year, the Institute of Medieval Studies in Leeds and Brepols Publishers are celebrating fifty years since the launch of the International Medieval Bibliography (IMB). To celebrate, we are inviting all delegates at the 2018 International Medieval Congress to enter the online IMB Quiz*, with the chance to scoop one of our fantastic prizes. Simply use the IMB to search for the correct answers and submit your responses online at

The lucky winner will win a trip to Bruges, Belgium and runners up can win one of the many book prizes. Good luck!

* Only registered delegates for IMC Leeds 2018 are eligible to participate

BrepolsOnline Books: update April 2018

BrepolsOnline Books provides instant online access to over 1,600 academic books published by Brepols. The eBooks are available for purchase in a variety of Collections to serve the library's specific needs and budgets. 

Click here to download the title list (excel, update April 2018), including new eBooks recently added to Collection 2018. A new detailed leaflet (PDF, 6 pages) is available here.

Launch - The East

A new collection of five fully-peer reviewed series dedicated to the archaeology and history of a region spanning from the Southern Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean, via the Near and Middle East, the Persian Gulf, and the Caucasus, to Central Asia, Pakistan, and Xinjiang:

SUBARTU - Studies in the Archaeology & History of Upper Mesopotamia & Adjacent Regions

ARATTA - Studies in the Archaeology & History from Mesopotamia to the Indus Valley

OXUS - Studies in the Archaeology & History of Central Asia, from the Caspian Sea to Xinjiang

LEMA - Studies in the Archaeology & History of the Levant & Eastern Mediterranean

ARAXES - Studies in the Archaeology & History of the Caucasus Area & Adjacent Regions

Click here to download a detailed project outline.

Catalogue Harvey Miller Publishers - Spring & Summer 2018

Harvey Miller Publishers aims at producing preeminent works of art-historical research and connoisseurship for a world-wide audience. As an imprint of Brepols, Harvey Miller maintains the high standards that established its reputation as the imprint of authority and quality for books on the history of art and culture.

Click here for your online copy of the catalogue featuring new & forthcoming titles for Spring & Summer 2018.
If you prefer a paper version, please send an email to

L'Année philologique - Bibliography of the Classical World


L’Année philologique is a reference bibliography for academic publications relating to Ancient Greek and Roman Civilization. The bibliography is published in print and online. The online database including all volumes published since 1928, the publication year of the first volume, is now available for subscribers. 

Click here to download a leaflet (PDF, 2 pages).

Pleasure in the Middle Ages
N. Cohen Hanegbi, P. Nagy (eds.)

Explores the manifold manifestations of pleasure in medieval culture and the various rationales to its appearance and use.

More information >>
Priscien lu par Guillaume de Champeaux et son école. Les Notae Dunelmenses (Durham, D.C.L., C.IV.29)
A. Grondeux, I. Rosier-Catach (éd.)

Étude et édition critique des Notae Dunelmenses, commentaire sur Priscien de la première moitié du XIIe siècle

More information >>
Supplément au 'Répertoire des bibliothèques et des catalogues de manuscrits grecs'
J.-M. Olivier

As an indispensable supplement to Marcel Richard's Répertoire des bibliothèques et des catalogues de manuscrits grecs (Brepols, 1995, still available), this book analyzes and lists publications on Greek manuscripts over the last 20 years and points to some earlier publications that had escaped the author in 1995.

PrePublication Price: € 290 excl. VAT (<=> € 350)

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The Annotated Book in the Early Middle Ages. Practices of Reading and Writing
M. Teeuwen, I. van Renswoude (eds)

A collection of essays exploring annotation and scholarly practice in early medieval manuscripts.

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The History of Venetian Renaissance Sculpture (ca. 1410-1530)
A. M. Schulz

As the first comprehensive treatment of Venetian sculpture of the early Renaissance in nearly a century, this book examines the documents, literary sources, and oeuvre of all Venetian sculptors in stone, bronze, and wood.

More information >>
Biblical and Manichaean Citations in Titus of Bostra’s Against the Manichaeans (Titus of Bostra)
P.-H. Poirier, T. Pettipiece

The Biblical and Manichean documentation of Titus de Bostra: a unique source for textual criticism and the history of religions.

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