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Camille Saint-Saëns'Le Carnaval des animaux: Facsimile Edition of the Autograph Manuscript

The collection “De main de maître” showcases the facsimiles of the most prestigious scores of the Music Department of the National Library of France.
Dedicated to the autograph manuscript of Camille Saint-Saëns’ famous Carnival of the Animals (1835-1921), this new Brepols publication sheds a distinctive light on the musician’s personality. Presented by Marie-Gabrielle Soret, a specialist of Camille Saint-Saëns, who provides a detailed bilingual (French, English) description of the work and the context of its creation, the facsimile includes the fourteen pieces of The Carnival of the Animals. It reveals the composer’s handwriting, all the performance directions as he noted them, but also to the playful animal drawings with which he decorated his score – a fish for “Aquarium”, the skeleton of a dinosaur for “Fossiles”, the pale blue pencil silhouette of a swan to illustrate the famous “Swan”.

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'Editio princeps: A History of the Gutenberg Bible' wins SHARP's DeLong Book History Prize 2018

Editio princeps: A History of the Gutenberg Bible by Eric White (Princeton University Library) wins the 2018 DeLong Book History Prize, awarded by the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP).
SHARP annually awards the prize to the 'author of the best book on any aspect of the creation, dissemination or uses of script or print published in the previous year.'

'This book is breathtakingly erudite, combining archival sleuthing on early business and trade practices with traditional scholarship about provenance and printing. White builds upon and gathers the known facts and myths about the genesis of “the Gutenberg bible.” The study’s tour de force, however, lies in the tracing of ownership history from Mainz in the 15th century to today’s libraries and collectors for every single known copy—using each copy’s unique binding, illuminations, or marginalia as evidence for geographical movement from place to place. (...) This handsomely-illustrated book is deft of touch and can be read or perused by any reader interested in the world’s most famous printed book, while displaying an impressive depth of scholarship. It is a triumphant study.'
Claire Squires, SHARP’s Director of Publications and Awards)

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Catalogue Medieval & Renaissance Studies 2018

Discover our New & Forthcoming Publications in the field of Medieval & Renaissance Studies with this new catalogue. It features the latest information on our books on Medieval Society & Culture, Urban History, Crusades, Church History, Religion, Philosophy, Languages & Literature, Art History, Book & Manuscript Studies, Architecture, Music, Scandinavian Studies,...

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This catalogue includes live links to our website, where you can find more information on each title. Just click the book of your choice and you will be redirected to the corresponding webpage. Available titles can be ordered directly online, using the Brepols webshop, or by completing the order form in the catalogue.

Château Gaillard vol. 28 : l’environnement du château
K. O’Conor, A.-M. Flambard Héricher, P. Ettel (eds)

Le XXVIIIe colloque Château Gaillard s’est tenu au mois d’août 2016 à Roscommon (Irlande), site qui fournit un cadre de comparaison fort utile et bien exploité au thème retenu, « L’environnement du château ».

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Les cisterciens et la transmission des textes (XIIe-XVIIIe siècles)
T. Falmagne, D. Stutzmann, A.-M. Turcan-Verkerk (éd.)

Les cisterciens sont moins connus pour avoir recherché et retravaillé les textes que pour leurs efforts de centralisation et d’unification dans l'architecture et les arts, la liturgie et la vie quotidienne, et pour leur utilisation active de l'écrit pragmatique – pour ne citer que ces quelques domaines. Et pourtant, leurs bibliothèques, parfois immenses, font mentir par leur richesse et les textes rarissimes ou inattendus qu'elles nous ont conservés l'idée d'un ordre peu consacré aux études. 

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L'énigme d'une dynastie sainte et usurpatrice dans le royaume chrétien d'Ethiopie, XIe-XIIIe siècle
M.-L. Derat

Qui sont ces rois éthiopiens, à la fois saints et usurpateurs, qui ont gouverné l'Éthiopie entre les XIe et XIIIe siècle ?

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Proust écrivain de la musique. L'allégresse du compositeur
C. Leblanc

Proust critique musical: une nouvelle approche de la musique dans la vie et l'œuvre de Marcel Proust.

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Optics, Ethics, and Art in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries. Looking into Peter of Limoges’s Moral Treatise on the Eye
H. L. Kessler, R. G. Newhauser

This volume examines afresh the various ways in which the introduction of ancient and Arabic optical theories transformed thirteenth-century thinking about vision, how scientific learning came to be reconciled with theological speculation, and the effect these new developments had on those who learned about them through preaching.

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Netherlandish Art and Luxury Goods in Renaissance Spain
D. van Heesch, R. Janssen, J. Van der Stock (eds.)

This fascinating collection of essays explores the diverse ways in which Netherlandish art and luxury goods shaped and transformed the artistic landscape of Renaissance Spain.

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