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Brepols Publishers is an international academic publisher of works in the humanities.

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Catalogue Archaeology (Late Antiquity-Middle Ages-Early Modern Period)

We are pleased to provide you with a catalogue of new and forthcoming titles in the field of Archaeology from Late Antiquity to the Early Modern Period.

The publications cover a broad variety of research topics, such as studies on rural settlements, castles, urban life, ceramics, and coins and seals, and range over a wide chronological and geographical scope, with contributions spread across Europe from Iceland to the Eastern Mediterranean. Select journals are presented on pages 14-15.

Click here to download the catalogue in PDF. If you click on one of the books in the PDF, you can order directly through our webstore.

56 Art Books from Brepols...

2015 marks our 20th anniversary as a publisher in Art History, starting with Petrus Christus in Renaissance Bruges. An Interdisciplinary Approach. On the occasion of this special anniversary, we are pleased to offer 45 art history titles at the price of 40 euro, and another 11 titles at the price of 60 euro ! The offer represents popular backlist titles published in well-established series, such as Architectura Moderna, Ars Nova, Museums at the Crossroads, and Pictura Pova, as well as select titles published outside a series.

Download here the title list and order form (2 pages).

Click on one of the books in the PDF, and order directly through our webstore with a special discount price.
Alternatively, you can fill out the order form and send it back to Brepols before the end of November 2015.

The Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources (DMLBS) is now available online

“The most comprehensive dictionary of Medieval Latin to have been produced and the first ever to focus on British Medieval Latin”

The Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources (DMLBS) is now available online. This dictionary, published in print by the British Academy between 1975 and 2013, comprises nearly 87,800 entries. The DMLBS online allows searching by headwords, Latin word-forms, non-Latin word-forms, references and the full text. More info: click here (PDF).

Institutional users are offered a 30-day free trial period. Please contact

Hebrew and Hebrew-Latin Charters and Tallies from Medieval England

We wish to remind you that the publication Hebrew and Hebrew-Latin Charters and Tallies from Medieval England can be ordered at a special introductory price until 30 November 2015. Download here select sample pages.

This goundbreaking reference work features 258 charters on parchment and 58 wooden tallies, including more than 500 illustrations. It will be printed as a limited edition. Download a detailed leaflet here.

Doorstart voor Story Publishers

De juridische uitgeverij Story Publishers (Gent) krijgt een doorstart in samenwerking met Brepols Publishers (Turnhout).
Story Publishers groeide uit het vroegere J. Story-Scientia. Story Publishers kan dan ook bouwen op een jarenlange traditie als juridisch uitgever.
Onder leiding van Valerie Story zal de juridische uitgeverij vanuit Gent verder uitgebouwd worden. Story Publishers zal als imprint kunnen steunen op de Brepols-organisatie.
Brepols Publishers is bekend als internationaal academisch uitgever binnen de humane wetenschappen en diversifieert zo haar activiteiten. Brepols Publishers is een dochteronderneming van Brepols Group (tevens 50% aandeelhouder van Cartamundi).

Exclure de la communauté chrétienne Sens et pratiques sociales de l'anathème et de l'excommunication (IVe-XIIe s.)
G. Bührer - Thierry, S. Gioanni (éd.)

Une étude sur le sens et les pratiques sociales de l'excommunication aux premiers siècles du Moyen Âge (IVe-XIIe s.).

More information >>
La Librairie des ducs de Bourgogne. Manuscrits conservés à la bibliothèque royale de Belgique. Volume 5. Textes historiques
B. Bousmanne, T. Van Hemelryck, C. Van Hoorebeeck (éd.)

Sur le millier de volumes recensés à la mort du Téméraire, environ 300 codices sont aujourd'hui conservés à la Section des Manuscrits de la Bibliothèque royale de Belgique. La série consacrée à la "Librairie des ducs de Bourgogne" regroupera, selon un classement typologique des textes, l'ensemble de ces manuscrits.

More information >>
L'Offrande du collier-menit dans les temples d'époque gréco-romaine
C. Châtelet

Les textes d’offrande du collier-menit inscrits sur les parois des temples se réfèrent à deux grands récits mythologiques : celui du mythe de la Lointaine où le roi apaise la déesse dangereuse à son retour de Nubie au moyen de cette parure parfois associée aux sistres, et également celui d’Horus et Seth où le roi, tel Horus, présente à la déesse un collier prenant alors la valeur des attributs du dieu Seth.

More information >>
Expulsion and Diaspora Formation: Religious and Ethnic Identities in Flux from Antiquity to the Seventeenth Century
J. V. Tolan (ed.)

The eleven essays brought together in this volume explore the relations between expulsion, diaspora, and exile between Late Antiquity and the seventeenth century.

More information >>
Women in the Medieval Monastic World
J. E. Burton, K. Stöber (eds.)

This international and interdisciplinary collection discusses a wide range of aspects relating to the lives of women in religious communities across medieval Europe.

More information >>
Rituals, Performatives, and Political Order in Northern Europe, c. 650–1350
W. Jezierski, L. Hermanson, H. J. Orning, T. Småberg (eds.)

Draws together contributions from history, archaeology, and the history of religion to offer an in-depth examination of political ritual and its performative and transformative potential across Continental Europe and Scandinavia.

More information >>
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