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The following list is a selection of highlights.
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The Mercurio. A Brig of the Regno Italico Sunk During the Battle of Grado (1812)
C. Beltrame

This volume offers a discussion and catalogue of the finds yielded by the Mercurio, including photogrammetry-plans of the bow and stern, together with an analysis of ship-building technique, detail of the equipment and arms used, and, uniquely, close detail of finds connected to the crew themselves.

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Les foyers artistiques à la fin du règne de Louis XIV (1682-1715). Musique et spectacles
A.-M. Goulet, R. Campos, M. da Vinha, J. Duron (éd.))

Grâce à la notion de «foyer», une série d’études pluridisciplinaires porte un regard nouveau sur les productions musicales et théâtrales en dehors de la cour de Versailles à la fin du règne de Louis XIV.

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La construction sociale du sujet exclu (IVe-XIe siècle). Discours, lieux et individus
S. Joye, M. C. La Rocca, S. Gioanni (éd.)

Autour des notions d'individu et d'exclusion dans l'Antiquité tardive et le Haut Moyen Âge.

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Pleasure and Politics at the Court of France. The Artistic Patronage of Queen Marie of Brabant (1260-1321)
T. Chapman Hamilton

Court, culture, politics, and gender — these are the themes that flow throughout Marie of Brabant’s life and tie together the material effects of a long, pleasure-filled existence enlivened by the politics of Europe on the cusp of a new age.

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Reconstruire les villes. Modes, motifs et récits
E. Capet, C. Dogniez, M. Gorea, R. Koch-Piettre, F. Massa, H. Rouillard-Bonraisin (éd.)

Nouvelle Série: Semitica et Classica: Supplementa

Le dixième anniversaire de la revue Semitica & classica a donné lieu, à Paris, les 18 et 19 octobre 2017, à un colloque international sur le thème de la reconstruction des villes en Méditerranée du troisième millénaire avant notre ère au Moyen Âge.

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El-Qitar. A Bronze Age Fortress on the Euphrates
T. McClellan

This volume traces the changing function of the site over time, arguing that el-Qitar might have been the site known as Dur Samsi-Addu during the Middle Bronze Age, and Til-Abnu of the Late Bronze Age. The latest construction episode belongs to the modern-day Tishreen Dam.

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Biens publics, biens du roi. Les bases économiques des pouvoirs royaux dans le haut Moyen Âge
F. Bougard, V. Loré (eds.)

Sur quels éléments matériels se fonde le pouvoir royal dans les premiers siècles du Moyen Âge ? Un collectif d’auteurs répond à la question dans l’espace européen.

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Borman. A family of Northern Renaissance Sculptors
M. Debaene (ed.)

Borman was a virtuoso, a master but above all an innovator, who influenced many other sculptors.

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Sur les routes des Alpes
F. Morenzoni

À l’occasion du départ à la retraite du Professeur Franco Morenzoni (Université de Genève), le présent ouvrage réunit un certain nombre de ses travaux les plus marquants consacrés à l’actuelle Suisse occidentale au Moyen Âge.

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D’une république de savants à une communauté de chercheurs
J.-L. De Paepe, P. Jodogne, I. Algrain (éd.)

Regards sur l’histoire de l’Union Académique Internationale (UAI), 1919-2019

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Urban History Writing in Northwest Europe (15th-16th centuries)
B. Caers, L. Demets, T. Van Gassen (eds.)

This volume aims at taking the first steps towards a revaluation of urban historiography in Northwest Europe, including rather than excluding texts that do not fit common definitions.

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Experiencing Famine in Fourteenth-Century Britain
Philip Slavin

The book is concerned with arguably the single harshest subsistence crisis in Europe in the last two millennia: the Great Famine of 1315-17.

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The Brueg(H)el Phenomenon. Paintings by Pieter Bruegel the Elder and Pieter Brueghel the Younger with a Special Focus on Technique and Copying Practice
Christina Currie and Dominique Allart

To mark the 450th anniversary of Pieter Bruegel's death in 2019, we are pleased to offer this unique reference work at 50% off until 31 December 2019 !

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Giacinto Scelsi: Music across the Borders
F. Celestini (ed.)

This volume proposes new approaches to Scelsi's musical works

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From Charters to Codex. Studies on Cartularies and Archival Memory in the Middle Ages
R. Furtado, M. Moscone (eds.)

During recent decades, there has been a profound change in the way that researchers have read and interpreted the sources of the Middle Ages. This shift has prompted scholars to reconsider the historical value of the medieval cartularies. From Charters to Codex. Studies on Cartularies and Archival Memory in the Middle Ages

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Polity and Neighbourhood in Early Medieval Europe
J. Escalona Monge, O. Vésteinsson, S. Brookes (eds)

Archaeologists and historians working in southern and northern Europe, explore diverse evidence — from landscape and burial archaeology to charters and chronicles — to discuss the relationships that constituted neighbourhoods and roles these played in the processes of state formation that can be observed in the peripheries of the Frankish world.

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Physiology of the Soul. Mind, Body and Matter in the Galenic Tradition of the Late Renaissance (1550-1630)
Fabrizio Bigotti

A study of how physicians and philosophers at the end of the Renaissance developed Galen's philosophical legacy and in doing so moved beyond accepted patterns and conventions in their reading of classical medical text.

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La ragione e la norma. Dibattiti attorno alla legge naturale fra XII e XIII secolo
Riccardo Saccenti

The idea of natural law, which has ancient roots in the Stoic philosophical heritage and in the Roman legal tradition, is the subject of a large and complex process of elaboration which starts in the end of the 11th century and goes up to the age of the great scholastic authors.

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La volonté de croire au Moyen Âge. Les théories de la foi dans la pensée scolastique du XIIIe siècle
Nicolas Faucher

This book is the first in-depth, diachronic philosophical study of some of the most important thirteenth-century theories of faith, including those of Alexander of Hales, Bonaventure, Aquinas, Peter John Olivi, Henry of Ghent, Godfrey of Fontaines and John Duns Scotus.

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From a Republic of Scholars to a Community of Researchers
J.-L. De Paepe, P. Jodogne, I. Algrain (eds)

Perspectives on the History of the International Union of Academies (UAI), 1919-2019

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Rural Economy and Tribal Society in Islamic Egypt
Yossef Rapoport

2019 Middle East Medievalists Book Prize

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À la redécouverte d'Eugène Ysaÿe
Marie Cornaz

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