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The following list is a selection of highlights.
For an overview of publications scheduled to be released within the next three months, please refer to our forthcoming titles page. An overview of recently published titles is available on our recent titles page. Listings over a longer period or more specific requests are available through our online catalogue. You can also browse through our publications by series or navigate through our series by subject.
Christian Maps of the Holy Land
P. Arad

An innovative approach to Christian maps of the Holy Land, exploring their devotional imagery.

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Making the Profane Sacred in the Viking Age. Essays in Honour of Stefan Brink
I. Garcia Losquino, O. Sundqvist, D. Taggart (eds)

The contributions in this volume by world-leading scholars of archaeology, history, history of religion, literature and onomastics provide new insights into the construction of the sacred in Old Norse culture and society.

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Transregional Territories. Crossing Borders in the Early Modern Low Countries and Beyond
B. De Ridder, V. Soen, W. Thomas, S. Verreyken (eds)

In Transregional Territories, the early modern Low Countries are chosen as a ‘laboratory’ for studying border formation and border management through the lens of transregional history.

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What is North? Imagining the North from Ancient Times to the Present Day
O. Plumb, A. Sanmark, D. Heddle (eds.)

The North Atlantic World: Cold, tough, dark; or tranquil, pure, untamed and magical – as visualised from ancient times until today.

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Circular Cities of Early Bronze Age Syria
C. Castel, J.-W. Meyer, P. Quenet (eds.)

This volume is the first dedicated to the urbanism of pre-classical Syria.

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The Crown and the Cross. Burgundy, France, and the Crusades, 1095–1223
H. M. Rhodes

This book examines the heretofore-unstudied role of the French province of Burgundy in the ‘traditional’ era of the crusades, from 1095–c.1220.

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Gustav Mahler, The Arduous Road to Vienna (1860-1897)
Henry-Louis de La Grange

This long awaited revised volume I completes Henry-Louis de La Grange's four-volume English language biography of the Austrian composer Gustav Mahler (1860–1911), which is widely considered to be the definitive work on the subject.

Completed, Revised and Edited by Sybille Werner

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Architecture of Disjuncture. Mediterranean Trade and Cathedral Building in a New Diocese (11th-13th Centuries)
J. Williams

Through careful analysis of the Romanesque cathedral of Molfetta (in Apulia, southern Italy), Williams demonstrates how the commercial boom of the medieval Mediterranean changed the way churches were funded, designed, and built.

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Music in the Art of Renaissance Italy, 1420–1540
T. Shephard, S. Raninen, S. Sessini, L. Stefanescu

The first detailed survey of the representation of music in the art of Renaissance Italy, opening up new vistas within the social and culture history of Italian music and art in the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries.

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'The loss of a minute is just so much loss of life': Edward Robinson and Eli Smith in the Holy Land
H. Goren

The different story of the travels and publication of Edward Robinson, ‘Father of Holy Land Research’ in the 19th century, as described in letters and documents.

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Catalan Maps and Jewish Books

This books describes the life of Elisa ben Abraham Cresques, known to many as the author of the Catalan Atlas, and focuses on the Jewish aspects of his fascinating career, his professional profile, and his scholarship.

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Clavis Historicorum Antiquitatis Posterioris. An Inventory of Late Antique Historiography (A.D. 300-800)
P. Van Nuffelen, L. Van Hoof

This volume inventorises the whole historiographical production of Late Antiquity.

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(valid until 31/12/2020)

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Communautés maritimes et insulaires du premier Moyen Âge
A. Gautier, L. Malbos (eds)

Douze réflexions issues du colloque de Boulogne (mars 2017) sur la façon dont les hommes installés près de l’eau «faisaient communauté» en Europe au début du Moyen Âge.

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The Chronicles of Medieval Wales and the March. New Contexts, Studies, and Texts
B. Guy, G. Henley, O. W. Jones, R. Thomas (eds)

This book offers a collection of new studies on the chronicles of medieval Wales and the March, supported by synoptic pieces placing the tradition of chronicle writing in Wales within the context of historical writing on a broader scale. The volume is accompanied by five editions and translations of little-known texts written in Latin and Medieval Welsh.

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Corps hybrides aux frontières de l’humain au Moyen Âge
A. Sciancalepore (éd.)

Ce volume rassemble les huit contributions de spécialistes de littérature et d’histoire de l’art au sujet de l’hybridation entre homme et animal dans la culture médiévale, ainsi que la transcription de la table ronde conclusive du colloque de Louvain-la-Neuve.

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Genèses antiques et médiévales de la foi
C. Grellard, P. Hoffmann, L. Lavaud (éd.)

Issu de deux colloques pluridisciplinaires qui se proposaient d'étudier les notions relevant du champ sémantique de la croyance religieuse, ce volume part du constat que ces termes sont le plus souvent équivoques, ce qui pèse encore sur les recherches en sciences sociales.

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The Hidden Life of Textiles in the Medieval and Early Modern Mediterranean. Contexts and Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Islamic, Latinate and Eastern Christian Worlds
N. Vryzidis (ed.)

The focus in this wide-ranging collection of studies by key scholars in the field is on textiles and their functions in various Mediterranean contexts (and beyond) during medieval and post-medieval times (ca. 10th-19th c.).

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Sephardic Book Art of the Fifteenth Century
L. U. Afonso, T. Moita (eds)

The current volume presents ten different studies dealing with the final stages of Hebrew book art production in medieval Iberia.

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