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The following list is a selection of highlights.
For an overview of publications scheduled to be released within the next three months, please refer to our forthcoming titles page. An overview of recently published titles is available on our recent titles page. Listings over a longer period or more specific requests are available through our online catalogue. You can also browse through our publications by series or navigate through our series by subject.
La démonstration de l'existence de Dieu
I. Agostini

Les conclusions des cinq voies de Thomas d’Aquin et la preuve a priori dans le thomisme du XVIIème siècle.

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Poetry from Treatises on Poetics
Gade et al.

Volume 3 of the series Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages presents most of the poetry contained in the Scandinavian poetic and grammatical treatises, such as the poetry in Skáldskaparmál, the þulur, Háttatal, the Third and Fourth Grammatical Treatises and Háttalykill. Included also are Málsháttakvæði and stanzas from Laufás Edda not recorded elsewhere.

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Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard. Portraits After Existing Prototypes
K. Jonckheere

Rubens was mesmerised by faces. He studied physiognomy, the pseudo-science that began making headway in the sixteenth century, which postulated that a person’s character could be read from their facial features.

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Anthropologie de l’Antiquité. Anciens objets, nouvelles approches
Payen et al.

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Religious Minorities in Christian, Jewish and Muslim Law (5th - 15th centuries)
Ed. by N. Berend, Y. Hameau-Masset, C. Nemo-Pekelman & J. Tolan

This book explores the theme of religious coexistence (and the problems it poses) from a resolutely comparative perspective.

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Convivium 4.1 (2017)
Medieval Art in Prison

This issue is dedicated to the relationship between medieval art history and the regimes and totalitarian ideologies of the twentieth century, with particular attention paid to Central-Eastern Europe.

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Graphic Signs of Identity, Faith, and Power in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
I. H. Garipzanov, C. Goodson, H. Maguire (eds.)

Brings together historians, art historians, and archaeologists to discuss the role of graphic representational signs and symbols and to look at contexts facilitating their dissemination in a wide range of media in the late Roman and post-Roman worlds.

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Le virus de l’erreur. La controverse carolingienne sur la double prédestination
W. Peze

Quatre siècles après Augustin, Pélage et Julien d’Éclane, la controverse sur la double prédestination (années 840-860), provoquée par la personnalité hors-norme du moine saxon Gottschalk d’Orbais, se ressaisit des rapports entre libre-arbitre et déterminisme avec, au cœur des discussions, l’effrayante perspective d’une prédestination à l’Enfer.

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At the Northern Frontier of Near Eastern Archaeology: Recent Research on Caucasia and Anatolia in the Bronze Age/An der Nordgrenze der vorderasiatischen Archäologie: Neue Forschung über Kaukasien und Anatolien in der Bronzezeit
Rova et al.

35 papers present the results of the last 20 years of archaeological research about the pre-classical cultures of the Caucasus and Anatolia, and analyse the latter in the wider framework of their changing relations with those of the Ancient Near East and of the Eurasian steppes.

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The Capetian Century, 1214 to 1314
W. C. Jordan, J. R. Phillips (eds.)

The volume provides a fresh look at the Capetian century (1214-1314) as a period that changed the cultural and political fabric and laid the foundation for the modernisation of the medieval Wes

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Regina Cœli. Les images mariales et le culte des reliques. Entre Orient et Occident au Moyen Âge
A. M. Migdal
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Lieu, espace, mouvement: physique, métaphysique et cosmologie (XIIe-XVIe siècles)
T. Suarez-Nani, O. Ribordy, A. Petagine (eds.)

Physique et métaphysique de l'espace et du lieu dans la pensée médiévale.

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A Catalogue of Western Book Illumination in the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Cambridge Colleges. Part Five: Volume One: Books Printed in Italy before 1501
A.E. Andriolo & S. Reynolds

This is the first part of a two-volume catalogue of incunabula (books printed up to 1500) with illumination added by hand, in the Fitzwilliam Museum and the College Libraries of Cambridge.

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Rogier van der Weyden and Spain - Rogier van der Weyden y España
Campbell et al.

Proceedings of the International Symposium Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado, mayo de 2015.

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Medieval Liège at the Crossroads of Europe. Monastic Society and Culture, 1000–1300
S. Vanderputten, T. Snijders, J. Diehl (eds.)

This volume collects studies on the role of monastic institutions in the exchange of cultural and socio-economic capital in the medieval diocese of Liège.

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Walcher of Malvern, De lunationibus and De Dracone. Study, Edition, Translation, and Commentary
P. Nothaft (ed.)

This volume contains the first complete edition and study of the works of Walcher of Malvern, a key figure in Latin astronomy around 1100.

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Teaching and Learning in Medieval Europe. Essays in Honour of Gernot R. Wieland
G. Dinkova-Bruun, T. Major (eds.)

The essays collected here honour the life-long contribution of Gernot Wieland in the fields of Anglo-Latin and Old English literatures.

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Gulden legende. De Middelnederlandse vertaling van de Legenda aurea door Petrus Naghel (Petrus Naghel)
G. Claassens, W. Kuiper, A. Berteloot (eds.)

The importance of the Legenda aurea for the Late Middle Ages can hardly be overestimated, as witness the impressive manuscript tradition of the original Latin text as well the different vernacular versions. This is the first volume of a two-volume work (volume II appeared in 2011). The text edition in the present volume begins with Advent and ends with the legend of Saint Pancras, thus comprising the legends pertaining to the three great feasts: Christmas, Easter and Pentecost. 

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Proust écrivain de la musique. L'allégresse du compositeur
C. Leblanc

Proust critique musical: une nouvelle approche de la musique dans la vie et l'œuvre de Marcel Proust.

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Italian Renaissance Diplomacy. A Sourcebook
M. Azzolini, I. Lazzarini

This sourcebook presents a broad range of diplomatic sources, thematically organized, that are introduced, translated, and annotated by an international team of leading scholars of the Italian Renaissance.

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