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For an overview of publications scheduled to be released within the next three months, please refer to our forthcoming titles page. An overview of recently published titles is available on our recent titles page. Listings over a longer period or more specific requests are available through our online catalogue. You can also browse through our publications by series or navigate through our series by subject.
Fra Angelico. Painter, Friar, Mystic
Timothy Verdon

A lavishly illustrated exploration of the art and theology of Fra Angelico.

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Bishops’ Identities, Careers, and Networks in Medieval Europe
Sarah Thomas (ed.)

This book examines the identities and networks of bishops in medieval Europe.

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Journal of the European Society for the History of Science

The European Society for the History of Science (ESHS) and Brepols announce a partnership to publish the Society's flagship journal Centaurus. Journal of the European Society for the History of Science fully in Open Access from 2022 onwards, at no cost to the authors or readers.

The Society and Brepols are very proud to announce that they will collaborate, making Centaurus Open Access in 2022 via the Subscribe-to-Open publishing model.

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Un platonisme original au XIIe siècle. Métaphysique pluraliste et théologie trinitaire dans le De unitate et pluralitate creaturarum d’Achard de Saint-Victor
Iryna Lystopad

Métaphysique pluraliste et théologie trinitaire dans la philosophie médiévale platonicienne d’Achard de Saint-Victor.

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The Homiliary of Paul the Deacon. Religious and Cultural Reform in Carolingian Europe
Zachary Guiliano (ed.)

An ambitious examination of one of the most important theological and liturgical texts of the Middle Ages — the homiliary of Paul the Deacon commissioned by Charlemagne — and the first comprehensive study of its earliest witnesses, a resource for all those interested in Charlemagne, medieval liturgy, theology, and preaching.

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Renaissance Religions. Modes and Meanings in History
P. Howard, N. Terpstra, R. Saccenti (eds)

Renaissance Religions is a wide-ranging, comprehensive, multi-disciplinary volume, with contributions organized according to four themes: Negotiating Boundaries, Modelling Spirituality, Sense and Emotion, and Space and Form.

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L’invention du protomartyr Étienne. Sainteté, pouvoir et controverse dans l’Antiquité (Ier-VIe s.)
D. Labadie

Étienne le premier martyr : naissance d’un saint dans l’Antiquité chrétienne

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Eagles Looking East and West. Dynasty, Ritual and Representation in Habsburg Hungary and Spain
Tibor Martí, Roberto Quiros Rosado (eds.)

Two Crowns, a dynastic mirror, a shared political culture in Europe during the Early Modern Age.

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Past and Future. Medieval Studies Today
M. J. F. M. Hoenen, K. Engel (eds)

This volume evinces the vitality and multi-perspectivism characteristic of Medieval Studies today.

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Politics and Piety at the Royal Sites of the Spanish Monarchy in the Seventeenth Century
J. E. Hortal Munoz (ed.)

The relevance of religious and political practices at the Royal Sites of the different kingdoms that composed the Spanish Monarchy, in the consolidation of the image and power of the Spanish kings.

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La Formule au Moyen Âge III / Formulas in Medieval Culture III
O. Simonin, C. De Barrau (éd))

Étude interdisciplinaire sur le concept de formule au Moyen Âge

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Illuminated Manuscript Production in Medieval Iceland. Literary and Artistic Activities of the Monastery at Helgafell in the Fourteenth Century
Stefan Drechsler

This study exemplifies the international societal and artistic contexts of book production in medieval Scandinavia and beyond.

Now Available in OPEN ACCESS

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The Nature of Art. Pliny the Elder on materials
A. Anguissola, A. Grüner (eds.)

This volume addresses the presentation of artistic processes and their materials in the Natural History and focuses on the issues that lie at the root of Pliny's work: his account of the technological, economical, ideological, and aesthetic aspects of materials.

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Identity, Diversity & Contact from the Southern Balkans to Xinjiang, from the Upper Palaeolithic to Alexander
Marc Lebeau (ed.)

This volume presents peer-reviewed contributions based on papers first presented at the biennial International Congress ‘The East’ (ICE).

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Objets nomades. Circulations matérielles, appropriations et formation des identités à l'ère de la première mondialisation, XVIe-XVIIIe siècles
A. Fennetaux, A. M. Miller Blaise, N. Oddo (éd)

Les vingt-deux chapitres de ce livre s’intéressent à l’histoire de ces circulations matérielles et, à travers elles, des identités nationales, culturelles, religieuses, politiques que les objets contribuent autant à définir qu’à interroger, en Europe comme ailleurs.

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Individualizing the Dead. Attributes in Palmyrene Funerary Sculpture
M. Heyn, R. Raja (eds)

This volume brings together eight contributions that illuminate how attributes were used by Palmyrene sculptors and patrons in order to express social cohesion and group identity, as well as to demonstrate individuality.

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Les portails romans de Bourgogne
Marcello Angheben

L’ouvrage examine l’iconographie de l’ensemble des portails romans de Bourgogne en les abordant de manière sérielle, en fonction de leurs thèmes, avant de les considérer séparément comme autant de programmes uniques.

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