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The following list is a selection of highlights.
For an overview of publications scheduled to be released within the next three months, please refer to our forthcoming titles page. An overview of recently published titles is available on our recent titles page. Listings over a longer period or more specific requests are available through our online catalogue. You can also browse through our publications by series or navigate through our series by subject.
Stocks, Seasons and Sales. Food supply, storage and markets in Europe and the New World, c. 1600-2000
W. Ronsijn, N. Mignemi, L. Herment (eds)

This volume presents a long-term history of the tools for regulating the rhythms and the seasonal patterns of the agricultural production.

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Lyon dans l’Europe carolingienne. Autour d’Agobard (816-840)
M.-C. Isaïa, F. Bougard, A. Charansonnet (éd.)

Le présent volume réunit des contributions rédigées à l’occasion du douzième centenaire de l’élection épiscopale d’Agobard à Lyon (816-840).

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Undressing Rubens. Fashion and Painting in Seventeenth-Century Antwerp
Edited by A.D. Newman & L. Nijkamp

A range of perspectives on the convergence of costume, art and history in the early modern Low Countries.

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Medicine at Monte Cassino. Constantine the African and the Oldest Manuscript of his Pantegni
E. Kwakkel, F. Newton

This book offers unprecedented insights into the revolutionary arrival of Arabic medicine to medieval Europe by exploring the oldest manuscript of Constantine the African’s Pantegni, which is identified here, for the first time, as a product of the skilled team of scribes and scholars working directly under the supervision of Constantine himself at the eleventh-century abbey of Monte Cassino.

First volume of the new series Speculum Sanitatis

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Didymus the Blind’s Commentary on Psalms 26:10–29:2 and 36:1–3 (Tura Papyri)
L. H. Blumell

This volume contains a completed edition of Didymus the Blind’s commentary on Psalms 26:10–29:2 and Psalms 36:1–3 that was discovered in Tura in the early 1940s.

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Ecologies of Crusading, Colonization, and Religious Conversion in the Medieval Baltic. Terra Sacra II
A. Pluskowski (ed.)

This second Terra Sacra volume draws together a series of case-studies on Livonia and Prussia that provide a unique snapshot of recent research into environmental change during the Baltic Crusades and also explore long-term trends in landscape organization and environmental exploitation.

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Made in Malines. Les statuettes malinoises ou poupées de Malines de 1500-1540
F. Cayron et D. Steyaert

Cette étude interdisciplinaire nous entraîne sur les traces des ateliers des sculpteurs et des polychromeurs collaborant à la réalisation de ces petits objets destinés à la dévotion privée et dont le succès fut considérable.

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Pleasure and Politics at the Court of France. The Artistic Patronage of Queen Marie of Brabant (1260-1321)
T. Chapman Hamilton

Court, culture, politics, and gender — these are the themes that flow throughout Marie of Brabant’s life and tie together the material effects of a long, pleasure-filled existence enlivened by the politics of Europe on the cusp of a new age.

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Historiography and Identity I: Ancient and Early Christian Narratives of Community
W. Pohl, V. Wieser (eds)

Examines the many ways historiographical works shaped identities in ancient and medieval societies, providing a basis for understanding the successive developments in Western historiography.

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Aristoteles Latinus XIX. Physiognomonica. Translatio Bartholomaei de Messana
L. Devriese (ed.)

This volume offers the first critical edition of the medieval Latin translation of pseudo-Aristotle’s Physiognomonica. The text was translated from Greek into Latin by Bartholomew of Messina during the reign of king Manfred (1258-1266) and deals with physiognomy.

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European Festival Studies: 1450-1700
NEW SERIES in association with the Society for European Festivals Research

This new series, in association with the Society for European Festivals Research, builds on the current surge in interest in the circumstances of European Festivals — their political, religious, social, economic and cultural implications as well as the detailed analysis of their performance (including ephemeral architecture, scenography, scripts, music and soundscape, dance, costumes, processions and fireworks) in both indoor and outdoor locations.

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El-Qitar. A Bronze Age Fortress on the Euphrates
T. McClellan

This volume traces the changing function of the site over time, arguing that el-Qitar might have been the site known as Dur Samsi-Addu during the Middle Bronze Age, and Til-Abnu of the Late Bronze Age. The latest construction episode belongs to the modern-day Tishreen Dam.

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Jacob Jordaens and Spain
Diaz Pardon

In these pages the reader will find out about Jordaens work method, his sources of inspiration and the solutions he chose for the commissions that he carried out.

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Urban History Writing in Northwest Europe (15th-16th centuries)
B. Caers, L. Demets, T. Van Gassen (eds.)

This volume aims at taking the first steps towards a revaluation of urban historiography in Northwest Europe, including rather than excluding texts that do not fit common definitions.

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Early British Drama in Manuscript
T. Atkin, L. Estill (eds.)

Early British Drama in Manuscript is the first book-length study to focus exclusively on medieval and early modern drama in the context of a rich and varied manuscript culture.

NEW SERIES British Manuscripts

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La guerre, le prince et ses sujets. Les finances des Pays-Bas bourguignons sous Marie de Bourgogne et Maximilien d’Autriche (1477-1493)
A. Sablon du Corail

La présente étude entend apporter un éclairage nouveau sur la nature et les limites de l’État princier en Occident à l’aube de la Renaissance.

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Borman. A family of Northern Renaissance Sculptors
M. Debaene (ed.)

Borman was a virtuoso, a master but above all an innovator, who influenced many other sculptors.

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Sur les routes des Alpes
F. Morenzoni

À l’occasion du départ à la retraite du Professeur Franco Morenzoni (Université de Genève), le présent ouvrage réunit un certain nombre de ses travaux les plus marquants consacrés à l’actuelle Suisse occidentale au Moyen Âge.

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The Mercurio. A Brig of the Regno Italico Sunk During the Battle of Grado (1812)
C. Beltrame

This volume offers a discussion and catalogue of the finds yielded by the Mercurio, including photogrammetry-plans of the bow and stern, together with an analysis of ship-building technique, detail of the equipment and arms used, and, uniquely, close detail of finds connected to the crew themselves.

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Crossing Borders in the Insular Middle Ages
A. Byrne, V. Flood (eds.)

Explores cultural connections between and across Britain, Ireland, and Iceland from the high to late Middle Ages, with a particular focus on literary transmission and translation.

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