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The following list is a selection of highlights.
For an overview of publications scheduled to be released within the next three months, please refer to our forthcoming titles page. An overview of recently published titles is available on our recent titles page. Listings over a longer period or more specific requests are available through our online catalogue. You can also browse through our publications by series or navigate through our series by subject.
The Roman Senate as 'arbiter' during the Second Century BC. Two Exemplary Case Studies: the Cippus Abellanus and the Polcevera Tablet
V. Casella, M. F. Petraccia

An in-depth sociocultural analysis of Roman senatorial arbitration as a political mediation tool in the second century BC

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Analogical Identities: The Creation of the Christian Self. Beyond Spirituality and Mysticism in the Patristic Era
N. Loudovikos

A book about the possibility of retrieving a concept of selfhood from Patristic theology, beyond the dichotomies of mind and body, or person and nature.

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Autorité et mémoire. Pragmatique et réception de l'autorité épistolaire de Paul de Tarse du Ier au IIe siècle
P. de Salis

Origine et réceptions de la pragmatique de la communication déployée dans les lettres de Paul de Tarse.

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À la redécouverte d'Eugène Ysaÿe
Marie Cornaz

La présente bibliographie s’adresse tant aux spécialistes qu’aux mélomanes. Sortie prévue pour début décembre.

Profitez du prix de souscription de 60 euro TCC, jusqu'au 31 mars 2020

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L’objet au Moyen Âge et à l’époque moderne. Fabriquer, échanger, consommer et recycler
Yves Henigfeld et al.

Cet ouvrage réunit une trentaine de contributions que l'on doit à une soixantaine de spécialistes, remettant l'objet au coeur du débat historique.

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John of Garland’s De triumphis Ecclesie. A new critical edition with introduction and translation
Martin Hall

This is the first translation in any language of John of Garland’s poem about the historical events of his lifetime (c. 1195- c. 1258), together with revised Latin text, introduction and notes.

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The Past as Present. Essays on Roman History in Honour of Guido Clemente
G. A. Cecconi, R. Lizzi Testa, A. Marcone (eds)

While the essays included in the volume cover domains ranging from methodology and (the history of) historiography, over archaeology and epigraphy, to politics and religion, they all resort under the main theme of ‘the past as present’.

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La maiolica italiana del Rinascimento: Studi e ricerche
G. Busti, M. Cesaretti, F. Cocchi (eds)

Resulting from the international conference "The Italian Maiolica in the Renaissance. Studies and Research" (Assisi, 9-11 September 2016), this volume brings together contributions by experts from various national and international institutions, and in particular from museums housing dedicated collections of Renaissance ceramics.

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Digitizing Medieval Sources – L’édition en ligne de documents d’archives médiévaux
C. Balouzat-Loubet (ed.)

This book collect the papers of a conference held at Nancy on the 9th and 10th of June 2016 on the digitization of medieval sources. These papers deal not only with technical issues but also with methodological questions raised by the growing importance of digital humanities for medievalists.

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The Journal of Medieval Monastic Studies, vol. 8

With contributions on the Fountains Abbey, The History of an Early Medieval Vice, The Relics of Battle Abbey,... and many more

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Corpus of the Old Uighur Letters from the Eastern Silk Road
T. Moriyasu

This is a corpus of Old Uighur letters written in the period of the West Uighur kingdom and the Mongol Empire (9th - 14th century).

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The Ghent Altarpiece. Research and Conservation of the Exterior
B. Fransen, C. Stroo (eds)

The outer panels of the Ghent Altarpiece had been overpainted to a considerable extent. The virtuosity of the Eyckian technique and aesthetics remained hardly visible. And yet, this had never been observed before the start of the conservation treatment...

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Cimabue and the Franciscans
Holly Flora

Awarded with the 2020 Premio San Francesco by the Pontificia Università Antonianum

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