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Priscien lu par Guillaume de Champeaux et son école. Les Notae Dunelmenses (Durham, D.C.L., C.IV.29)
A. Grondeux, I. Rosier-Catach (éd.)

Étude et édition critique des Notae Dunelmenses, commentaire sur Priscien de la première moitié du XIIe siècle

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The History of Venetian Renaissance Sculpture (ca. 1410-1530)
A. M. Schulz

As the first comprehensive treatment of Venetian sculpture of the early Renaissance in nearly a century, this book examines the documents, literary sources, and oeuvre of all Venetian sculptors in stone, bronze, and wood.

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The Bar Books: Manuscripts Illuminated for Renaud de Bar, Bishop of Metz (1303-1316)
K. Davenport

This study gives an overview of the man and his books, paying special attention to the heraldry, the calendars, and the marginalia in three appendices.

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Supplément au 'Répertoire des bibliothèques et des catalogues de manuscrits grecs'
J.-M. Olivier

As an indispensable supplement to Marcel Richard's Répertoire des bibliothèques et des catalogues de manuscrits grecs (Brepols, 1995, still available), this book analyzes and lists publications on Greek manuscripts over the last 20 years and points to some earlier publications that had escaped the author in 1995.

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Pleasure in the Middle Ages
N. Cohen Hanegbi, P. Nagy (eds.)

Explores the manifold manifestations of pleasure in medieval culture and the various rationales to its appearance and use.

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The Cult of Relics in Early Medieval Ireland
N. Wycherley

Winner of the 2018 National University of Ireland (NUI) Publication Prize in Irish History

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The Annotated Book in the Early Middle Ages. Practices of Reading and Writing
M. Teeuwen, I. van Renswoude (eds)

A collection of essays exploring annotation and scholarly practice in early medieval manuscripts.

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Legitimation of Political Power in Medieval Thought
C. López Alcaide, J. Puig Montada, P. Roche Arnas Ɨ (eds.)

For which reason must we obey authority or we should refuse obedience, this is a universal concern which arises in different periods of time, religions and cultures. This collective work analyses this and other issues, focusing on the medieval period and in the Greek Byzantine, Christian Latin, Jewish and Islamic traditions.

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Biblical and Manichaean Citations in Titus of Bostra’s Against the Manichaeans (Titus of Bostra)
P.-H. Poirier, T. Pettipiece

The Biblical and Manichean documentation of Titus de Bostra: a unique source for textual criticism and the history of religions.

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Toward a Historical Sociolinguistic Poetics of Medieval Greek
A. Cuomo, E. Trapp (eds.)

This volume collects some of the papers presented at two international conferences, held in Vienna, on historical sociolinguistics and late Byzantine historiography.

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Watermarked Paper from Archives in Ravenna (1287-1693)
N. Scianna

Unique repertoire of watermarks scanned from the manuscripts of Medieval Civil Notaries and Church Offices in Ravenna, Italy.

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