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The following list is a selection of highlights.
For an overview of publications scheduled to be released within the next three months, please refer to our forthcoming titles page. An overview of recently published titles is available on our recent titles page. Listings over a longer period or more specific requests are available through our online catalogue. You can also browse through our publications by series or navigate through our series by subject.
Historiography and the Shaping of Regional Identity in Europe. Regions in Clio’s Looking Glass
D. E. H. de Boer, L. Adao da Fonseca (eds)

This volume describes real and mental regions as the historical undertone that destined a changing Europe during the last millennium.

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The Anthropology of St Gregory Palamas. The Image of God, the Spiritual Senses, and the Human Body
A. Chouliaras
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David Fallows

"The book is a major achievement, and stands as the most authoritative account in any language of Josquin’s life and works.”
Patrick Macey in: Renaissance Quarterly

Now available in Paperback!

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Antwerp in the Renaissance
Bruno Blondé, Jeroen Puttevils (eds)

This book engages with Antwerp in the Renaissance. Bringing together several specialists of sixteenth-century Antwerp, it offers new research results and fresh perspectives on the economic, cultural and social history of the metropolis in the sixteenth century.

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Popes, Bishops, and the Progress of Canon Law, c.1120–1234
A. J. Duggan

This book considers the role of popes and bishops in the development of the law of the Church between 1120 and 1234.

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Environmental Studies, Remote Sensing, and Modelling
A. Lichtenberger, R. Raja (eds)

The final publications of the Danish-German Jerash Northwest Quarter Project is the most comprehensive publication on the archaeology of Gerasa, a Decapolis in northern Jordan, since the 1938 publication edited by C. H. Kraeling

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Journal of Urban Archaeology 2 (2020)

The Journal of Urban Archaeology is the first dedicated scholarly journal to recognise urban archaeology as a field within its own right, and is intended to provide an intellectual forum for researchers working on the archaeology of urban societies and networks in all parts of the world and across all periods of time.

The second issue of this new journal, is now available in Open Access on BrepolsOnline.

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Epirus Revisited. New Perceptions of its History and Material Culture
C. Stavrakos (ed.)

A presentation of the new results in the research about Epirus.

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The Pre-Christian Religions of the North: History and Structures
J. P. Schjødt, J. Lindow, A. Andrén (eds)

A comprehensive overview of the religious history and world view of pre-Christian Scandinavia.

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Bernard de Clairvaux et la philosophie des Cisterciens du XIIe siècle
C. Trottmann

Bernard de Clairvaux, philosophe? Une école cistercienne au XIIe siècle? Telles sont les deux questions affrontées dans chacune des parties de ce livre.

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Games and Visual Culture in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
V. Kopp, E. Lapina (eds)

The volume contributes to reconstruction of medieval and early modern gaming culture through analysis of visual and material evidence.

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La Bouquechardière de Jean de Courcy (Jean de Courcy). Tome V : De l’Assyrie à la Perse
S. Michels (éd)

Au début du XVe siècle, « le chevalier normant » Jean de Courcy écrit une longue compilation d’histoire ancienne moralisée qui porte le nom de la Bouquechardière, du nom de son fief, Bourg-Achard. Son quatrième livre est consacré aux Assyriens et à leur devenir : on y voit l’Assyrie originelle de la Haute Mésopotamie se disputer l’hégémonie avec la Babylonie, la Médie et la Perse, quatre belliqueuses puissances idolâtres contre lesquelles les Hébreux tentent de résister.

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Old Norse Myths as Political Ideologies
N. Meylan, L. Rösli (eds)

The papers gathered here offer new and critical insights into the changing nature of historiography and the political agendas that Old Norse myths are made to serve, as well as shedding new light on the way in which ‘myths’ are conceptualized.

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Journal for the History of Environment and Society, vol. 5
COVID-19 and Environmental History

The 5th volume of the Journal for the History of Environment and Society is now available (in Open Access) and focusses on COVID-19 and Environmental History.

Access this issue in Open Access on BrepolsOnline

France et Angleterre : manuscrits médiévaux entre 700 et 1200
C. Denoël, F. Siri (éd.)

Rassemblant différentes contributions consacrées aux manuscrits du corpus Polonsky et réparties en trois thématiques – histoire de l’art, acteurs et histoire des textes –, ces actes jettent un regard renouvelé sur les échanges culturels entre France et Angleterre au Moyen Âge, abordés dans une perspective interdisciplinaire.

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Du Champ de Mars mér. Éclairages sur un objet fugace et une réforme de Pépin, dit « le Bref »ovingien au Champ de Mai carolingien
A. J. Stoclet

Un regard au plus près des textes sur les assemblées annuelles des Francs, entre Mérovingiens et Carolingiens.

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Benedict XV: A Pope in the World of the 'Useless Slaughter' (1914-1918)
A. Melloni, G. Cavagnini, G. Grossi (eds)

This volume provides a comprehensive and systematic reference work about a key figure in church history that has all too often been neglected.

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The Rome of Paul III (1534-1549). Art, Ritual and Urban Renewal
Guido Rebecchini

This book sheds new light on a key stage in the development of the tightly knit urban fabric of early-modern Rome, adopting an innovative, multi-disciplinary approach.

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Meltdown! Picturing the World’s First Bubble Economy
M. Viljoen, M. Martin, N. Dubin

This book focuses on the depiction of the first international financial crisis following the 1720 collapse of stock market bubbles in England, France and the Netherlands.

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Encounters on the Holy Mountain: Stories from Mount Athos
P. Howorth, C. Thomas (eds.)

An affectionate testament to Mount Athos, the Holy Mountain, after 30 years of activity of the Friends of Mount Athos (with a
Collection of Special Photographs and Detailed Map).

With a foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales

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Willem van den Blocke: A Sculptor of the Low Countries in the Baltic Region
F. Skibinski

Willem Van den Blocke was one of the most accomplished sculptors of the late sixteenth century in the Baltic Region and in Central Europe. His career perfectly exemplifies the challenges encountered by Netherlandish sculptors abroad in the sixteenth century.

First volume in the new book series: Early Modern Cultural Studies

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Excerptum de Talmud. Study and Edition of a Thirteenth-Century Latin Translation
I. Lampurlanés Farré

Edition and study of a Latin translation of the Talmud from the thirteenth century.

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