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The following list is a selection of highlights.
For an overview of publications scheduled to be released within the next three months, please refer to our forthcoming titles page. An overview of recently published titles is available on our recent titles page. Listings over a longer period or more specific requests are available through our online catalogue. You can also browse through our publications by series or navigate through our series by subject.
From Topography to Text: The Image of Jerusalem in the Writings of Eucherius, Adomnán and Bede
R. Aist

A break-out study on Adomnán’s De locis sanctis and the Jerusalem pilgrim texts, From Topography to Text uses new methodological findings on the Christian topography of Jerusalem to examine the source material, religious imagination and mental maps in the related writings of Eucherius, Adomnán and Bede.

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Mens immobilis. Recherches sur le corpus latin des actes et des passions d’Afrique romaine (IIe-VIe siècles)
S. Fialon

Depuis les travaux de Paul Monceaux, au début du XXe siècle, le corpus hagiographique africain a évolué : il s’est enrichi de la découverte de nouveaux textes, alors que d’autres documents ont dû être écartés. Une nouvelle synthèse complète sur cette littérature était nécessaire, et c’est donc un corpus mieux circonscrit, composé de trente actes et passions racontant le martyre de chrétiens entre le IIe et la fin du Ve siècle, qui est analysé dans cet ouvrage.

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Women and Jews in the Sachsenspiegel Picture-Books
M. H. Caviness, C. G. Nelson

Contextual analysis of the representation of women and Jews in the fourteenth-century manuscripts of the German law book known as the Sachsenspiegel.

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Luxury and the Ethics of Greed in Early Modern Italy
C. Kovesi (ed.)

A new, scholarly, and lively appraisal of the twin paradigms of Luxury and Greed as they were debated, disseminated, enacted, and feigned in early modern Italy.

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Crusade Preaching and the Ideal Crusader
M. Tamminen

Presents, for the first time, a study of the crusade model sermons of the thirteenth century as a corpus in its entirety, in order to explore the creation of the ideal crusader in thirteenth-century society.

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Une principauté d’Empire face au Royaume. Le duché de Lorraine sous le règne de Charles II (1390-1431)
C. Rivière Ɨ

La Lorraine sous le règne de Charles II (1390-1431) ou l’affirmation d’un État princier, entre traditions féodales et acculturation à une administration plus centralisée.

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Middle and Late Byzantine Poetry: Texts and Contexts
A. Rhoby, N. Zagklas (eds.)

This book aims at a better understanding of middle and late Byzantine poetry by offering both studies on specific authors and their texts and editions of so far unknown texts.

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Entre le cœur et le diaphragme
C. Baker, M. Cavagna, G. Clesse (éd.)

(D)écrire les émotions dans la littérature narrative et scientifique du Moyen Âge

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Visual Histories of the Classical World. Essays in Honour of R.R.R. Smith
C. M. Draycott, R. Raja, K. Welch, W. T. Wootton (eds.)

The papers gathered here consider various aspects of art and architecture in the classical world, engaging directly with R.R.R. Smith’s own research, and at the same time celebrating his enormous contribution to scholarship.

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Le village de Kafr ʿAqāb. Étude monographique d’un site du ğebel Waṣṭāni (Massif calcaire de la Syrie du Nord). Topographie et architecture
B. Riba

La monographie du village inédit de Kafr ʿAqāb permet d’élargir le champ des recherches à la partie occidentale du Massif calcaire de la Syrie du Nord qui a suscité, jusqu’à récemment, un intérêt limité.

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Medieval Francophone Literary Culture Outside France. Studies in the Moving Word
N. Morato, D. Schoenaers (eds.)

This volume is one of the final outputs of the AHRC project Medieval Francophone Literary Culture Outside France (2011-2014). It suggests a new way of reading Medieval French Literary Culture in its global dimension, by a close study of some major dynamics of production and circulation of French texts and manuscripts. It focuses on the two major axes of transmission of francophone textual culture: one going from Normandy and England across Flanders, to Burgundy; another across the Alps to Northern Italy and then to Cyprus and the Levant.

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Etymology and Wordplay in Medieval Literature
M. Males (ed.)

Presents case studies of the uses of etymology and wordplay in a number of medieval literatures.

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The Fourth Lateran Council and the Development of Canon Law and the ius commune
A. Massironi, A. Larson (eds)

A collection of essays on the Fourth Lateran Council's place in the development of canon law and the ius commune.

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Music and Theology in the European Reformations
D. Burn, G. R. McDonald, J. Verheyden, P. De Mey (eds.)

A multidisciplinary collection of twenty essays that examine the debates and controversies around music and theology during the period of the European Reformations from both Catholic and various Protestant perspectives.

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Cimabue and the Franciscans
H. Flora

Cimabue and the Franciscans sheds new light on the legendary artist Cimabue, revealing his sophisticated engagement with complicated intellectual and theological ideas about materials, memory, beauty, and experience.


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