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Company Profile

Mission and Editorial Focus

Brepols Publishers is an international academic publisher of works in the humanities.

The focus of its publications lies in "source-works" from Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period. By this is meant critical editions of original texts and documents in their original language, reference works such as encyclopaedias, handbooks and bibliographies, as well as monograph studies and cutting-edge research.

Brepols Publishers' mission is to publish works with an outstanding academic reputation in the field of Europe’s cultural roots and sphere of influence.
Such publications fall mainly within the disciplines of history and archaeology, language and literature, music, art and architectural history.

Fundamental series like the Corpus Christianorum and online databases like the Library of Latin Texts, as well as the co-operation with highly respected institutes like I.R.H.T. (Paris) and the Institute for Medieval Studies (Leeds), explain and testify why Brepols works are being used in every well-respected academic library all over the world.
Harvey Miller Publishers (an imprint of Brepols) has established a reputation for the quality and authority of its scholarly monographs and catalogues raisonnés in the field of medieval, Renaissance and Baroque art.

Besides publications under its own imprint Brepols distributes works from many world-class academic institutions.

The mediums in which Brepols Publishers operates are the printed book (monographs, miscellanies and journals), microfiche, CD-ROM, online publishing (BREPOLiS) and online journals.
Languages: English and French but also German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch (as well as old languages like Latin, Greek, Occitan etc.)

Brepols Publishers has been founded in 1796 and is located in a 17th century building of the historic beguinage of Turnhout. Brepols Publishers has an editorial office for art history in Chicago (Harvey Miller / Brepols).
The CTLO, a centre for computer-assisted research of classical languages, is also organised by Brepols Publishers and is housed in the Corpus Christianorum Library & Knowledge Centre.


Brepols Publishers is a preferred partner for scholarly bodies throughout the international academic world. Thanks to its vast and excellent network of relations in the humanities, both in mainland Europe and the English-speaking world, Brepols makes a real contribution to the advancement of scholarship.

Brepols can draw upon a team of Publishing Managers who are often subject specialists in their own right and can offer outstanding support to the scholarly bodies with whom they work. The Publishing Managers are in central control of all aspects of the publishing of a product, from the embryo of a project to its creation and delivery before the eyes of the world.

It is standard practice for each product to be supervised by an Editorial Board and international advisory committee, with the support of a respected institution or academic society. Standards are ensured through peer-review and independent reports are commissioned on proposals for acceptance.

Brepols' marketing team strives to ensure that all publications get the attention they are due. Brepols' pricing policy aims at fairness, and a longterm vision, balancing the needs of the academic suppliers with the needs of purchasers and the optimal method and medium of delivery.

In order to improve its customer service Brepols has implemented a fully-integrated administration system that will turn Brepols into one of the most reliable academic publishing houses worldwide. Brepols' online catalogue is updated daily using the information from the inhouse system.

Therefore a partnership with Brepols Publishers is beneficial both to the provider of material for publication and to the end-user and customer.

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