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Why Publish with Brepols?

About us

Brepols is a long-established, international academic publisher specialising in the humanities.

We are independent of any university, any publishing conglomerate and not answerable to a stock exchange. This allows us to work freely, focusing solely on scholarly quality, using our own resources to invest and re-invest in projects which we believe to be of interest to the global scholarly community.

We publish around 200 titles a year in several major European languages: monographs, miscellany collections, periodicals and electronic resources. We do so with a hard-working team of about thirty staff.

For each series, and each book that we publish, Brepols has a designated “Publishing Manager” with whom you will work throughout, as a central contact-point. Almost all series are partnerships between Brepols and an Editorial Board which is established under the auspices of a university, scholarly society or academy but whose members are drawn from a wide international pool. These Editorial Boards accept or reject proposals solely on the grounds of academic quality, following a peer-review process. They also offer a point-of-contact to help you bring your work to fruition.

Brepols has an active acquisition policy, not only for titles, but particularly for new series, periodicals and research databases, where its in-house editorial committee assesses all new initiatives or proposals.

Working with Authors

Authors want their research to reach their intended readership, in an attractive package, and with a stamp of quality. You will contribute to the reputation of Brepols, but you will also benefit from the unparalleled reputation that Brepols’ long line of scholars has developed over several generations. Collaborating in this way will enhance and promote your own career as a scholar.

Brepols offers in-house expertise in academic and production matters with the recognition that each author needs the support of scholarly expertise provided by independent Editorial Boards.

Peer-review, copyediting and pre-press processes are thorough but swift. But since we deal with diverse academic traditions, we adapt these principles to individual circumstances and allow Editorial Boards certain independence in applying peer-reviewing and quality-control standards appropriate to their own academic tradition.

Shaping your Work

The accumulated expertise of the Publishing Managers, many of whom are scholars in their own right, and the experienced staff of the marketing and commercial departments (who are constantly meeting librarians) ensures that Brepols is able to shape your material in a way that meets the requirements of your readers (and, more specifically, institutional purchasers).

Brepols also offers great quality and experience in production methods. We use the latest electronic technologies at pre-press stages and for digital printing. We are also supported by a dynamic IT-team to develop its electronic products and databases.

Our team attends a vast array of international conferences, large and small, for librarians and for scholars. We can draw on a huge worldwide database of scholars and purchasers to ensure that the scholarly public knows about your work.

Our customers know that when they buy a Brepols book, they are purchasing authoritative research that will last the test of time.

Submit a Proposal

If you wish to submit a proposal to one of the Publishing Managers, please download and complete our Proposal Form and email it to the Publishing Manager or the editorial board of a series or journal you think best suits your topic. If you are unsure who to send your proposal to, please email your completed form to the Managing Director, Paul De Jongh.

Some series overlap in the subject-area covered, but may differ in other characteristics (such as the languages accepted, and the editorial procedures). Individual series may apply different quality-control methods, but will apply one of the following peer-review standards: single-blind (where the report is anonymous to the author), double-blind (where the text is made anonymous for the reader and vice versa) or through a specialist appointed by the Editorial Board (from within the Board itself, or its wider Advisory Board, or by an external specialist). In all cases the acceptance of a proposal is made on scholarly grounds independent of the publisher.

You will find more information on each Series in our online catalogue.

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